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VMC :: Car Wash Catch Up

Vendetta Meets and Cruises started back in 2015 and has been steadily growing in size. We recently dropped in on their car wash meet at South Morang, amongst the everyday cars we spotted a few cars that took our fancy!

Its almost like the fear of the dreaded defect is lifting and people are starting to take chances again despite the recent window tint crackdown craziness.

Only a handful of the people at the meet washed their cars everyone else had pre-washed their car before the meet which almost defeats the purpose of a car wash meet.

There were plenty of drive by checks to see if the meet was worthy but most cars did a blocky then parked up next to the others.

It was nice to see some quality parts under the bonnets of some WRX’s that made an appearance. There were plenty of popped bonnets with color coded intakes and sway bars as well.

P-platers have such a great choice of cars these days! they are buying cars that were considered dream cars back in the day.

Its not a car meet without someone revving their engine while others look on in a zombie like coma.

Great to see our sticker on a few cars at the meet. kebabhunters

Only brave men rock colored wheels especially when they are drift style, bright on the front dark on the back.

The color scheme continues into the 350z’s engine bay where you can see that Tracy approves of the mods on this Nissan.

Nissan’s chameleon, that’s right it’s a VL with the classic walkinshaw kit looking very legit! its one Holden that really decimated the road in its day.

Grandpa spec Toyota Corona with some great attention to detail not something that i would expect to see at this type of car meet.

85% Mitsubishi Evo 15% Holden Commodore, this meet had a great variety of cars with a mix of Aussie and Japanese cars scattered around the car park.

All of the Evo’s were tastefully modified! which was a true pleasure and something that is not often the case.

Saving the best for last a car that even mad max would be proud to drive, with all of the essential extras a blower and fat tires on the back. Vendetta Meets and Cruises is one of the better groups on the north side with some very dedicated members who are helping to grow this group’s numbers quickly.
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