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Drift Streets Japan :: A world of addiction

Indie games have been on the rise in the last five years, in 2015 we saw some great racing games released from major studios. Games like Project Cars and Need For Speed[2015] have dominated the genre. Yet there is a new player in this arena! A game that has been developed not by a team of hundreds but by one man. Yes that’s right! The game goes by the name of (Drift Streets Japan) and it will cost the grand sum of $6.99 USD.

Now you may be thinking what kind of game will you be getting for such a low price? Well if you’re expecting a large array of virtual achievement badges than this is not the game for you. This is the type of game that grows on you it doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistle’s we have now become accustomed to. Although it has something else… character! That’s right this game will take you back in time! When you may ask? Back to a time when Grand Turismo 2 was the top game on the racing sim charts and you would stay up all night trying to win races to buy parts for your car.

If you have ever modified your car you will be familiar with the excitement of getting a new part. This is where the games magic lies! You get hooked! Drifting earns you money you spend that money on parts and the cycle continues! Soon Car tuning takes over and you are spending lots of time perfecting the handling of your car. From camber to offset your car will be drifting like a pro or drifting like a pig! It’s all in the set up!

Akina is the games original track! A proper down hill mountain touge, with nothing but corners. This track is a first and second gear limit basher! Linking drifts and keeping a drift combo score the whole way through the track is almost impossible.

One of the best things about this game is its updates! Constantly evolving and morphing to suit the players needs. There is also a Forum that supports the game where you can find all kinds of hints and tricks plus drift teams!

Drift team? yes gangs of people who get together and drift as one! Virtually! I never thought i would see the day when we would have virtual teams but that day has come.

Originally adapted from a phone game and now ported to PC. This is how the game used to look in the android version you can see all its touch controls. With the PC version you can control it via the keyboard or steering wheel. Playing this game with a wheel is the most fun!

Here is an example of a crazy high score run! This would have taken some serious time to do and a hell of a lot of concentration.

This game is kinda like Daytona for drift! it is easy to pick up and play and its arcade like but still takes a fair amount of skill to become a pro.

Modding will be added to the game soon starting with track maps! this means people will be able to create their very own drift tracks!
Stay tuned this game is sure to become big and this is definitely a game you should keep your eye on! Drift Streets Japan
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