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DCA :: Walls festival

They say practice makes perfect! Although when the track layout gets changed and new obstacles get introduced things get interesting. Drift Challenge Australia was back again to take over the Thunderdome! With big names like Matt Field, Chelsea Denofa and a host of Australia’s best drivers. Luke Fink has taken DCA all over Australia and the brand is starting to gain momentum with help from our friends at Vicdrift DCA is really starting to pull bigger crowds.

The Elhaouli brothers sitting eagerly on the start line were ready to take on the interstate competition and defend victoria against the foreign invaders. Coming off the back of a win at the Jamboree drift competition at this very track was Moe Elhaouli in his newly refreshed V8 Rocket Bunny S13.

The track started to get dirty very early in the day with plenty of cars off due the technical track layout. The clipping points on the track were set rather high to increase the driver’s angles but many drivers had trouble carrying enough speed into the higher parts of the corner to really hit the clipping zones.

As the day wore on the drivers got more confident and comfortable with the track layout running full drift trains with low and high powered cars!

Thomas Sabo is no stranger to drift competitions, regularly attending VicDrift events throughout the year and placing well in many events.

Passengers are a big feature of dca its the only event that allows and encourages passengers to ride along during qualifying. They not only get to see the track up close but they also get to see the drivers at work.

Unfortunately the only real high speed section of this DCA layout was the initial back section. From the start line up the bank and down into the first corner was the fastest part of this track layout.

Amongst the various cars entered into Wall’s Festival there was one that stuck out of the pack, Katie’s carbon fibre 180sx with its sneaky SR20DET.

The raw gloss Carbon fibre look is really aggressive! Not the type of car you would expect a lady to be driving.

From up high on the bank you could see one of the major clipping points, many drivers found it hard to push right up to the fence and get inside the zone.

For such a challenging layout there were not that many incidents. Until the drivers got too confident and some even launched and mounted on the last corner barrier.

Going three deep into the finish line right in front of the crowd! With our driver Jason Ferron heading up the back of the train! Just like synchronized swimming everything has to be on point to pull off this massive feet.

Transport problem solved! no more walking! these classic Honda pocket bikes were awesome! Later in the day I saw them dragging each other in the car park for bragging rights.

What is an old Ma60 Supra doing driftting? Good question! this is not your average Supra! It is more a hybrid fordyota! Inside you will find a Falcon straight six with a massive turbo hanging off the side.

The Supra had so much torque that it launched its rear end into a barrier! Losing its big wing which meant no track time for an hour or two while they fixed the damage and got the car back on track. This car had traveled a long way to be here and was not going to end its day after one hit! He is one of many Tasmanians that made the trip out to DCA.

Luke Mudde is just 1 of many south ozzys at Walls Festival, his car is looking as good as it had on the very first round of DCA.

Michael ‘PROZ’ Prosenik had come straight off the plane from NZ to compete in DCA. Known as the Potato! Prosenik’s practice car was called into battle as Dazza his competition car is still in NZ.

In the same way a lion chases a gazelle Stewey Bryant chases his prey! As the prey is pushing its limits, making mistakes Stewey is gaining distance and proximity.

Ripped out of place only the wire remains! With no night drift happening tail lights were not really needed.
Qualifying pulled all the drivers into order with our local hero scoring the top position.
1 – Michael Prosenik
2 – Matt Harvey
3 – Josh Robinson
4 – Stewy Bryant
5 – Tom Sabo

Saint Side had a custom show bike show down near the pits. The quality of the bike builds were unbelieveable! from Rat style to Bling there was something for everybody.

Only a concrete barrier separates the drivers from finishing and returning their runs. This is such a great setup because the crowd gets to see all of the action in one spot.

Great to see the fans supporting us! at one of the events we most enjoy! if you like the look of these snapbacks you can get them from our online store.

Wisefab has really made the impossible possible by creating the ability to get more steering lock where there hasn’t been before.

The proof is in the pudding, this s15 was hitting angles a lot harder than many other cars on track with its impressive Wise Fab setup.

Matt Harvey ended up being the winner of walls festival, the boy has skills! take a look how close he is to the wall without any real damage.

With a great crowd and plenty of action Justin Gruener took out the $500 venue voucher for the Watergardens Hotel 60 Minutes to Win it!

This was the last round of the current 2015 DCA Championship. We look forward to seeing the 2016 season for DCA and we know there are bigger and better things on the horizon for this new drift promotion.
2015 Championship Results.
1st place Thomas Sabo
2nd place Brodie Moore
3rd place Stewy Bryant
Final Round Results
1st Matt Harvey
2nd Chelsea DeNofa
3rd Luke Broadbent
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