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Vic drift :: run the wall #2 practice day

As the sun slowly rose, cars moved back and forwards from the scrutineering bay. There were heaps of new cars fresh from drift skills ready to take on the challenge of calder park.

Early morning repairs are an essential when your going to be giving your car hell for the next 8 hours.

It does not matter how neat your engine bay is its how you drive that counts! too many people get so caught up in the aesthetics of there cars and not the function.

Showing off your JDM bull bar looks cool and avoids buying new front bars but having no protection for your intercooler is a risk many take.

Chequered Tuning and drift cat were doing some final checks on the car ahead of a full day of furthered tuning for the VK drift machine.

Nothing like a classic nardi steering wheel to complement an AE86. Such a cult car with so many of them being used only to hard park. Its great to see that this AE86 is used for the track were it belongs.

Everyone was egar to get on track, lining up early on the dummy grid ready to get sideways. With over 60 cars waiting to get on track the que just continued long into the day.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, the track may look easy but it has its quirks. The ripple strips occasionally jump right out in front of you and if you do not have fast reactions they can bite!

There is throwing your car and there is really throwing the car! on the straight this is something only experienced people can pull off good looking manji drifts. The practice day is not only for the beginners its a great chance for people to get some extra track time under their belt.

The best way around the sweeper is good hard acceleration! especially on the exit to the main straight.

Neil still getting used to his S15 was gaining more confidence as the day wore on. He soon got a good hang of the track and was starting to link drifts pretty well.

Its been a long time since we have seen an RX7 on track! This particular one was very unique, with its overfenders and bonnet boob.

The crowd was small but their enthusiasm was big! Although only friends, family and pit crews seemed to be in attendance the atmosphere was

With big power comes big smoke, Michael Bonslide Bonney was out further testing and tuning his car while getting in some much needed practice.

Pros and armatures were mixing it up on track while pushing them selfs a little too hard at times. The practice day before the competition is a great chance to try new things and make sure the car is solid for the next days competition.

Coming hard into the sweeper with plenty of power while flicking the car sideways with a touch of handbrake is the what we like to see. Some choose to to just power drift it with almost no handbrake use, but we have seen that go very wrong many times!

There was a serious amounts of red flag track stoppages. These gave drivers a chance to reflect, talk to mates and organize battle partners.

This practice day was a special one “why” because it was the first time we had seen the full track drifted with the end corner resembling something out ebisu in japan.

Everything was going great until Jason Ferron pulled off a crazy high speed backwards entry into the corner that got everyone excited! Drivers kept pushing and pushing until two collided on the entry.

Every tyre that had some meat left on it was quickly put on to the remaining cars. The last session of the day was held with not much light, yet the drivers did not waste any time and quickly destroyed there last sets of tyres.

The end of the day came quick, ending in a meeting held on track. With drivers, vicdrift staff and coordinators collaborating together to arrange a completely new and never before seen track.
A track that was made to be difficult while providing close battles, VicDrift round #2 looked as though it was going to be something special! stay tuned for our coverage of the event and more from VicDrift.
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