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Toyota :: TCCA Family Fun Day – Motokhana

Toyota Car Club of Australia Victoria hosted a demo motorkhana event at Toyota headquarters. If that wasn’t enough they also invited the 86/BRZ club and mr2 club to display their cars for a small show n shine.

This classic Toyota Corona was the first thing to grab my attention. With an interior that is not created out of plastic and some shiny bling highlights this little Corona looked the part.

If you’re an SW20 fan then you should appreciate how clean this one is. The Mr2 club bought out some of its finest examples to put on display here at Toyota.

Only Japanese royalty drive cars like these so I was very surprised when I saw one in the flesh. The 3rd generation Toyota Crown was known as the Super Deluxe Sedan and was Toyota’s classy ride of the time.

A car that is seriously becoming a collectors item is the Nissan Fairlady Z. It is one of the stand out cars of the last 50 years and Adam has carefully restored this Datsun to its full glory.

I could not take my eyes of this amazing car. It was perfect; siting on coilovers and wearing 15 inch RS Watanabes!

There were plenty of clean engine bays on display. It was hard to know which engine bay to dedicate my attention to.
old school corona
Not only was there old Toyotas on display there were also some slightly more modern examples showing the old timers how its done.
old toyota interior
I had never seen this type of tailight on the 86 before and I was more surprised to find out that they are made by Buddyclub.
mr2 sw20
The BRZ club turned up to display their cars and sit back to watch the motorkhana action unfold.
wrx halkeye
This WRX was driven by a motorkhana champion who definitely had some serious skills. I couldn’t believe how much punishment this car took while he redlined 1’st gear all day long.
corona drift
This mighty Corona was one of the most entertaining cars of the day. Although the car is thirty plus years old it still made it round the cones faster than many of the more modern cars.
spectators motorsport melbourne
The crowd was really enjoying the motorkhana spectacle and this little boy was glued to the action like a moth to a flame.
james rooke
James took the chance to shake down his new car by taking passengers around the course while working on the setup of the car. Because the day was casual with no real time pressure people had time to fiddle with their cars in between sessions.
open day toyota
The best thing about this open day was the fact that the public had the opportunity to experience the action first hand! This really put a smile on the face of almost everybody who was lucky enough to get a ride.
one off motorkhana car
Along with the normal cars there were some specialized motorkhana cars which are designed to be light, nimble and fast. This one was known as the “Sweet sixteen” featuring a Toyota 4AFE 1600 engine and a big set of brakes made from many different cars.
cars on track
The variety of cars on course showed the public that you don’t need a supercar to compete in this sport. As long as you can steer your way through some cones and purchase some low level safety gear you are good to go.
advanced go kart
It does not matter how old you are you can still enjoy motorsport! This motorkhana special only weighed 340kg. It also had a nifty little trick for stopping; with a small set of wheels at the front to stop the car from flipping forward during heavy braking.
mini blue
Minis have always been a good choice for this type of event. With their short wheel base and nimble handling they make for a fun platform.
custom motorkhana car
Specialized motokhana cars can often look more like an experimental car than a racing pocket rocket. As the crowds came and went you could tell that people were really enjoying the action on track.
cars on display aw11
With lots of cars on display and action on track the general public was treated to a fantastic free event. This AW11 was one car that stopped me dead in my tracks. Everything on this car was well balanced while being super functional.
The collaboration between a car club and manufacturer is something more clubs should try to achieve. Not only does it raise awareness about the club but it also changes up club events from your standard track day or car meet. TCCA is really doing some great work in the automotive community and we cannot wait to see what they come up with next.
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