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Jason Ferron :: Choc Mint R31 Drifter

Jason Ferron
Jason Ferron may not be a name you know however we’re pretty sure you will remember his bright yellow R31 V8 drift chariot…
The car has now undergone a fresh makeover just in time for WTAC and Jason is set to leave his mark on Sydney Motorsport Park this week.

Off the back of his 2nd place win for the 2013 Vicdrift/Road King Chassis championship, Jason hasn’t rested. Instead he has been spending the last four weeks refreshing his competition winning R31 ready for the 2014 drift season and WTAC team drift competition.
In just three short years, Jason has taken to the sport of drifting like a fish to water.
Starting at the age of 20 with a close to stock R31 Skyline and as Jason improved, so did the car. It’s now sporting a 5.7 litre V8 engine, tuned to a healthy 273rwkw thanks to the team at Chequered Tuning.

“Not another V8 swapped Nissan?!” While many argue against such a conversion, you cannot argue with the results! With a majority of the professional drift field running big powerful V8 motors, it can be an expensive path to try and match their performance with a smaller capacity engine.

At the age of just 23, Jason is still a privateer, so budgets are strict to ensure he can keep driving regularly and as the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’.  The choice to swap in the late model V8 motor was a no brainer and Jason hasn’t looked back since with numerous wins under his belt.

The most noticeable change to the Skyline has been the colour change from the iconic bright yellow to this very minty fresh blue! The team drift competition at WTAC this week will be the debut event for the freshly made over car.
All the paint work was carried out by HG Autobody and photos just don’t do it justice!

Now with his sights on the national Australian Drifting Grand Prix series next year, Jason has reached out to business small or large to help him realise his dreams.

Drifting is an expensive sport it seems – with 3 laps on a practice day using up a set of tyres!!

Thankfully local tyre shop and experts on all things that grip, shift or slide, Inverse Tyres help ease the damage caused to Jason’s wallet after each and every lap.
Jason’s tyres of choice have been a mix between Achilles 123’s and Nankang NS-2R’s. When it is just for fun though, the R31 Skyline slides on a set of Nexen 600 for practice days.
Steering the 3 piece Heart Racing mesh wheels are a set of S13 JDI Fabrication knuckles, a popular choice by the vast majority of local drifters.

The interior of this R31 is a simple affair. You won’t see any flashy colours, gauges or other distracting elements.
A Cams approved half cage, bucket seats and a Nardi steering wheel is all that is needed to complete this look.

Jason’s simple setup has proven to be a success, with reliable power up front, a host of suspension mods and a hydraulic handbrake taking care of the rear.

Jason and his R31 have been on an incredible journey so far and the future is looking bright with WTAC’s team drift challenge this week and then the 2014 ADGP series next year.
Drift R31 Skyline

We have no doubt that with a few more stickers added to his doors we may just see Jason at the pointy end of the ADGP field next year! If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor then do not hesitate to get in contact.

The GSS team will be following Jason and his minty R31 and will no doubt be keeping you guys up to date throughout all the competitions he attends. Between the updates on our page, you can keep up with all the latest by following Jason on Facebook.
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