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Vic Drift :: Round 3 Road King Chassis Championship

r33 close up
With the last round of this current championship upon us, it was time for the drivers to get to work. The pits were alive with activity and there were oil and tyre changes going on everywhere you looked!
There were also a few cars that made it to the track but would not start and so of course the drivers’ pit crews were running around everywhere!

Nissan r33 skyline
Peter Vouyoukas’ R33 is always a treat to see! With its’ low, wide stance and bright concave wheels, this car truly has personality.
team sweet spot
The new look Viva garage team! Catherine and Warwick’s cars have undergone a major make over and they look absolutely brilliant! Now with major sponsorship from RPower Motorsport, this team is sure to impress.
driver breifing vicdrift
The drivers briefing went quickly and there weren’t too many stupid questions! The judges outlined that they did not want to see any scando’s, only good clean lines up through the clipping points, with room for door to door action – this would be what the judges were looking for.
s13 front
Club class was out in force this weekend and there were plenty of well matched cars ready for battle! With a mix of new drivers and some well known drivers, out to make an impression running the wall at Calder.
r31 skyline
Jason’s R31 LS1 beast was looking dirty but this sport is not all about appearances! This dude sure can drive, and with a super reliable v8 under the bonnet, not many people come close to matching Jason’s skill on the track.
people in seats
Drift spectators are a die hard breed! Eager to see the action, these boys had taken their seats way before any cars had even hit the track!
calder park drift
skyline r 32 drift car
Peter Vouyoukas has a lot of experience under his belt and has driven this layout at Calder many times. Being no stranger to this track means that you can push it that little bit harder than the others that are not so comfortable here.
blue car drift team
The El-Haojli team know how to keep it tight on the track with seamless door to door action! Their style reminds me of the good old days of the insane drifters team.
Great proximity and intuition make the El-Haojli team a real spectacle to watch.
graffiti car
Now for something a little different Thomas Sabo’s street style s13! We love the graf work that covers this entire car! It really makes it stand out among the crowd.
people walking
After 10am the crowd really started to roll in and many took seats on the major corner, whilst others opted for a fence spot. This weekend saw the crack commentary team of the Weckem crew taking over the airways and putting on some of the best drift commentary i have heard in a long time.
vh commodore turbo
DriftCat was out again in her amazing VH 601HP – LS1 twin turbo and boy did she rip up some tyres! Cat is starting to get more comfortable in the car and it wont be long until she is battling against the best!
skyline r33 white
Manuel Garginian doping the hammer the whole the way around this massive corner while showering the crowd in tyre smoke!
mulisha s13 drift car
Aaron Dewar dropping some dirt after a little adventure off track. This evil machine he pilots possesses some serious steering lock and this makes his car extremely good in deep corners.
mx5 vs r33 skyline
Warrick and Peter’s proximity was on another level and even being this close they didn’t manage to hit each other, even at break neck speed.
s13 fight
One of our favourite’s “Team Chaulkin” killing it all day long! Every member has their own intense style and a ‘no fear’ attitude and that’s what we like to see!
180sx drift car
This is the best rookie driver we have seen for a very long time! Jared Smith has only been drifting seriously for the last six months and this type of talent is sure to see him rise into pro class very soon! Not to mention his immaculate 180sx stayed intact for the whole day without so much as a scratch!
Team Chaulkin’s David Trinh throwing the R33 out hard to hit that inner clipping point before the major corner on the circuit.
Matt Russell and his battle between Thomas Sabo. Matt Russell ended up defeating Thomas in this battle but Thomas is definitely one to watch in the future.
skid corner
On the last corner, the drivers get a good glimpse of the spectators along the wall. This often makes them push up even harder near the wall which occasionally ends in disaster. With just one decent tap on the wall, a car can bounce back into the wall then run it until they come to a stop on the tyre wall at the end of the corner.
standing on the wall
Standing at the wall you get to see the speed and weight transfer as the cars power along the wall. Many look like they are going to hit as they wildly throw the car at the wall then as they pass you get a nice spray of tyre bits up into your face! Now that is what I call motorsport!
run the wall comp
Every driver has their own line in the corner and from this angle you get to see so many different approaches to the same corner that you would not see sitting in the stands.
team work
Team drifting is getting a lot better in Australia lately and maybe this has something to do with the fact that WTAC is on the horizon and many teams really want to win best team at the techalloy drift comp.
warp speed car
Mr Trinh engaging warp speed! Its only a matter of time until the boys from Team Chaulkin get up into the pro division.
Mark Row from fast aperture photography seems to be at the end of a rainbow! Not sure but he may be constructed of gold!
Jason Ferron r31
Jason Ferron defeating Matt Russell! Only one battle stood in his way of winning Round 3! Prosnik is the man of the moment and Jason was ready to take down the giant!
drift battle
The late rain brought the best out in Jason. With very challenging track conditions, Jason Ferron won Round 3 and came 2nd in the championship! He has been improving so much in the last 6 months that if sponsors would just give him a go we are sure he could take out the Australian Drifting Grand Prix!
prosenik drifter australia gss
Many describe Micheal Posenik as an animal behind the wheel and only really talented drivers can come close to matching the skill and raw talent of the great man. Micheal ended up second in round 3 but won the championship overall!
drift attack
Since everyone seemed to be getting trophy’s and having photos ‘Choonga’ jumped in on the action and soon became somewhat of a media celebrity!
The day ended with the traditional celebration burnouts and expression session. We at Gripshiftslide had been busy putting the final things into place for our Chill and shine event that was to be held the very next day alongside Drift Attack at Calder Park and there will be more coverage of that coming soon!!
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