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Run the Wall :: VicDrift Practice Calder Park

australian drift cars
Winter is well and truly amongst us here in Melbourne, while temperatures drop into the single digits and rev heads go into hibernation the boys and girls of Vicdrift came out to play at Calder Park Raceway.
With the Raceway booked for the entire weekend and round two of the Vic Drift x Road King Chassis comp only needing one day, meant a full day of practice for anyone keen to enter.

xy drift car melbourne
Early on Saturday morning the gates opened and some 80 entrants arrived with tools and tyres in hand.
I was excited to see the XY again and could not wait to see it out on the track! Getting a larger car like this to drift is no easy task at all.
interior drift car
This is so much better than a pair of fluffy dice! This Nardi Driftworks wheel looks at home under the mirror in this drift ready Soarer.
rx7 drift
At Gripshiftslide we like cars that are unique and a bit more individual! Take this gorgeous FD RX7 for instance… It’s got a great colour choice, nice kit and a mad set of steel wheels to match.
drift trike, huffy slider australia
australian drift cars
Everybody was excited to get sliding, this drift trike was laying down some serious pvc on the tarmac of the pits!
e30 drift car
Not every car was ready to hit the track though. Denis’ E30 drift machine and former feature car was undergoing a few repairs before it was ready to go out and tear it up.
australian drift cars
Who said drift was dead? With well over 70 drivers registered for the practice day, I think it is safe to say it is here to stay!
onevia daily drift car
Only the brave take their daily drive to go do skidz! With as many tyres as the car could possibly carry, this man was ready to get the job done.
toyota ke70
This Ke70 was bashing the limiter up the entire straight and the crowd was absolutely loving it!
s13 dude drift
Many of the drivers have been awaiting this day for several months and then when it was finally here, they couldn’t possibly contain their excitement!
e30 drift car
Denis’ showing off his tremendous amount of steering lock!
nissan skyline r31 drift
The day wasn’t just for the amateurs though, it was a great chance for some of the pro boys to get a feel for the track and stretch their legs.
holden ute drift
Entertaining the crowd will always get you some bonus points!
ke70 drift mahine
Adrian and his ke70 were at the Haunted Hills not all that long ago. Now he’s sliding the little Corolla around Calder.

Drift Cat was using the day to tune in her freshly installed Shockworks coilovers, so far she has been wrapped with their performance and cant wait to have the car ready for competition.

By the early afternoon the VL-VK was really baking the rear tyres!!

Camry drivers are always trouble even out on the track, After some technical difficulties this Cressida had to be towed back to the pits

The mighty LS7 powered S13 has had a makeover in the off season, much cleaner but still very raw… We love it!!

Really digging the twin pipes on this clean white 180SX.

A regular of Vic Drift days, this mighty S12 Silvia was bellowing out the smoke from the rear tyres all day long!

Catherine May has been driving exceptionally well of late, might have something to do with her latest sponsor R-Power Motorsport making sure the car is performing at it’s best.

It’s amazing how many cars make it out to these events, we’re constantly seeing new cars and faces at every track day.

The R33 seems to have gained a big drift following thanks to plummeting prices and a flooded second hand market.

Road registered skidder, living the dream!

We love this little MX-5, contradicting stereo types every single track day.

The FC RX7 going in for maximum attack…

Looking just as good sideways as it does standing still!

Tough as nails R31 running some very stretched tyres!

Drivers were loving every minute of the laid back Vic Drift practice day, maximum fun, minimum down time.

This Soarer was belting out massive smoke screens along the wall and well onto the straight.

Soon the day was coming to an end which meant the final session had drivers pushing their cars to the limit!

Hats off to the Vic Drift crew for another successful practice day, laid back casual fun all the day before round two of competition series!!
Stay tuned for our round 2 coverage.
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