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HWY Oakleigh :: HighWay Masters

skyline r34skyline r34 front

So what is HWY? it is a car and bike enthusiast club that is rapidly growing in size! Since november 2012 the group known as HWY has been creating a new type of car meet scene. One that does not discriminate on car or bike type and the best thing it’s open to all! The major difference with this car club is that it’s a Charity organisation.

classic mazda and toyota
One of the most impressive attributes of HWY is the regularity of its meets, nearly every Friday its on!
i was shocked to see such great classics on display especially driven by “P” platers.
Yes sticker bombing is still alive and well. I like the fact that there are a few people keeping it alive within the scene.

old american carbig scary ameraican killer car

Probably one of the most scariest cars of the night, it arrived full of people and every one in the car was wearing a mask. With many gas masks and other crazy masks, i thought this may turnout to be a drive by shooting but luckily i was wrong.

370z nissanskyline r34, r33 in a line

Did i mention that the nights theme was dress up! You cannot really tell from the photos yet there were plenty of school girls and onesies. It also was great to see such a collection of skylines together in one place.
classic ford ute
Such a clean restoration and attention to detail. This is a great looking package that really did make people stop and take notice.

toyota 86 new one86 toyota purple wheels

There were a few 86’s in attendance but this one really caught my eye! with these simple mods this 86 is totally transformed and now really stands out amongst the sea of cars.
r32 ans e30
Two very iconic cars just happened to be siting next to one another. If only my car history looked this good!

sex spec cars bmw and commodorevy commodore

Sex spec style seems to be one of those things that has not left the scene yet. Is sydney to blame? im not sure but i respect the amount of tuck this commodore gets on its airbags.
valiant charger
The General Lee’s dark cousin made an appearance, its one car that i really didn’t expect to see at this car meet.
e30 bmw
One mad little e30 that looks like it has had a bit of track time over its life.
toyota supra na
It seems that all the NA supras are finding homes, surprisingly not the only supra on the night i saw about 4 in total which is good considering that they are really not as popular as they once were.
skyline r34 GTR
The R34 GTR is one of those cars that most JDM fans dream of owning at one time or another. So glad to see one at a local met like this.
370z cars in a row
Nissan has come up with alot of new cars lately but none have had as much character and ionic lines as the 370z. The design really does give that Datsun look in a modern way!
nissan s15
Although HWY meets are 70% / Holden / Ford i did manage to find some gems among the rough.
nissan s13
This one of the cars i wish i would of had as a “P” Plater, tough, fun to drive, with plenty after market parts. The s13 is a real trooper!

rat rod, modern carrat rods

Now for something different a Hearse you say? well their ain’t many Hearse’s up for sale! so if you want one you have to create one. The movement of creating modern Rat Rods and throw backs is a very interesting concept and like all things evolution is always around the corner.
Oakleigh Masters was a great location for the meet. Even know the police did know of the event they still made several laps of the carpark to make their presence felt. Everyone still had fun, the growing community of young car lovers really look forward to events like these and not even the police car dampen their mood.
HWY really is changing the car scene for the better. With so many events and fundraises planned we at Grip Shift Slide will defiantly attend more of these great events.
Want to find out more ? hit up HWY FB Group or their new forum -> http://www.likehwy.com.au/
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