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ADGP :: All Stars Show

ADGP All Stars
Australia Day was full of festivities for the GSS team as we had traveled North to Sydney for the ADGP drift festival at Sydney Motorsport Park.
On track entertainment included 16 of the countries best drivers battling it out and you can see more of that here.
But what happens if you get bored of cars being driven on the edge, door to door, on a relatively untested drift track?
Well thankfully the team behind the ADGP series invited the local All Stars crew along to host a car show right next to the action.
The All Stars gang proved once again that Sydney is at the forefront of the Australian modified car scene with the latest trends and ideas taking off here first, long before any other states followed suit…

When you have the freshest cars and ideas on the scene, you also need the freshest clothes to complete the look! Luckily Zen Garage was on site with a huge range of gear from the shop.

This was one of the first sights that you would come across when walking up the hill towards the show. They were just three mates chilling on car seats, on top of a Subaru wagon… Only on Australia Day!

Onto the cars though!!
Sydney car crew the Filthy Ones were out in force with several well executed street cars on show. This ED Civic sedan was a perfect example of Japanese styling with the low offset Work Equip 01’s filling out the guards… The only thing that could made this car better in my eyes is if it was the uber rare Civic wagon instead!

Another one from the Filthy Ones. Who said front wheel drive cars can’t have dish?!

Keeping with the Honda theme, this super simple and clean DC5 Type R Integra caught our eye.
Sometimes it’s nice to mix up things from the standard boy racer styling we are used to seeing on most Type R Honda’s getting around.

This Datsun 1200 coupe… was… absolutely stunning!!

So much attention to detail and nothing is out of place!

We were also big fans of the owners improvised seats!!

More classic JDM flare… This time from the global giant Toyota. This MX32 Cressida was in amazing condition.

More Toyota and it seems Sydney is in love with the mighty KE70 Rolla!!

We always find so many nice and sometimes ‘out there’ older Corolla’s up North.

This white ‘KSEV’ takes the cake for the wilder styles of exhausts! Regardless of taste or styles we were all united by the love of cars…

We all thoroughly enjoyed watching some ‘skid racing’ on Australia Day together, whether we drove Jap, Euro or local.

Another stand out for the Toyota camp was another bozuko exhaust, this time on a Crown with some meaty stretched tyres all round.

One of the best S15 streeters in the country ‘UDOORI’. If you follow just a handful of Australian car blogs then you have most likely seen this car on your computer screen before.

We were impressed seeing this car in the flesh for the first time and the Volk CE28N’s looked amazing! Don’t let this car fool you though, as this is no show pony. Everywhere you look there is evidence that this car sees the street… A lot!

Definitely one of our favourites!

The latest model WRX shape has been something that needed to grow on us here at GSS. After a few years and plenty of nice ones getting around town we now thankfully can say they have indeed grown on us!
The aggressive lines suit the hatch back shape to a ‘T’!

Everywhere you looked the hill was full of Japanese muscle, hidden amongst them was a few stand out examples from Europe too!…

These E30 BMW’s were causing a quite a stir with a heap of Euro influenced touches like the BBS wheels, tinted headlights and even a front bar on the black one from BMW performance specialists Alpina!

Such a menacing face!

This Mk2 Golf was sporting a fabric wrapped bonnet, not something you see everyday by any means!

As well as throwing very cool car shows the boys from All Stars also know how to build and style their cars cool as well…
Now this is what happens when you take an ‘Aussie icon’ such as a Holden Ute and then style it with a heavy influence from the ‘JDM’ scene…
(We hate to throw around the dreaded ‘JDM’ word but there is rarely another word for it.)

The ute of choice is of course the current generation  HSV Maloo Ute. At the moment under the hood has remained stock standard but knowing the All Stars boys it won’t stay that way long with talks already of what will be tinkered with and swapped to give some extra grunt!
The real striking piece of the puzzle is the set of massive SSR wheels… How massive? 20×10.5″ at the rear!!!!

To accommodate the giant wheels a lot of work has had to be done, including custom adapters to change the Holden 5×120 bolt pattern to a more Jap friendly 5×114.
Then there was the issue of the ridiculously big wheels sitting out from the body work. Bodyform Motorsports was then enlisted to help create the custom wide fender flares. The front has been perfectly molded to the body and work is about to begin on molding the rears.

While things went a bit quiet back out on the track for the lunch break, things only got crazier up on the hill at the All Stars show…

The main attraction for the show was underway!
The All Stars boys managed to talk Jay & Crystal into getting down and dirty with some of Sydney’s filthiest cars.

The girls were in incredibly high spirits despite the growing line of dirty cars waiting to get their time in the spotlight alongside the girls.

The girls took a much needed break from washing the cars in the sun…

… They were going to need their strength to scrub away at this rally breed Mitsubishi Evo.

A complete polar opposite to the previous Evo this bright blue Evo 9 was super clean with not even a speck of dirt anywhere in sight!

Sydney is definitely loving it’s bright coloured wheels at the moment!

Speaking of brightly coloured… The Built To Order EG Civic was turning heads and dividing opinions at the same time!
Nothing has been compromised during this build, no expense has been spared!

We were seriously chuffed to see our sticker in a long list of local talent adorning this S15’s rear window.

Some of the brave crowd that enjoyed the show despite the heat.

Nearly every single person had a big DSLR snapping away like crazy, only this guy had a DOMO backpack though!

We spotted a Mazda Cosmo (929)!
Digging the defining 80’s rear diffuser (regular spoiler mounted upside down).

External air horns were a nice touch too!

We were blown away to see this!
A Datsun 120Y with some street cred.

Now for some, this little guy still reminds them of their friends’ first car some 20+ years ago… Things have changed since then and builds like this are only going to become more common!
What was once ugly and cheap is now nostalgic and rare. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!

Perfect targa top moment, taking in the view and aural delight of pro drift cars racing up a hill… Instead sitting on FB on your phone.

This is our kind of Mazda 3!!!
Amazing what clear and simple ideas can do to a car!

Soon the light was beginning to fade and the cars started to leave and it was time to turn our attention once again to the drifting!

What an incredible display of cars and people.
The boys behind All Stars definitely have their finger on the pulse when it comes to all things cool, four wheels and petrol.
We’re excited to see what boys have planned with their east coast tour of Australia with the next stop on the map being Queensland, expect to see some very impressive stuff from the sunshine coast.
For more info be sure to check out the All Stars website.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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