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Royal Honda Meet :: Under The Bridge

These days any excuse to get together will do!
Last Monday was a public holiday, so a bunch of Ozhonda forum members decided to have a small meet  for Victorian Honda owners.

After a few posts on the forums and a quick heads up on our Facebook page, the location and time was set!

As we were arriving straight from a feature car shoot we were a tad bit early…
We weren’t exactly sure how many cars would come out with everyone recovering from the long weekend, however the turnout was much better than the last Ozhonda meet we attended. This time around 40+ cars were in attendance and a few surprises too!

As with any Honda meet, Civics are still the chariot of choice. With half a dozen EK’s,EG’s and a few EP3’s out and about among all the other Honda’s.

It seemed nearly every car had the bonnet up at some point and with good reason too! As most of these little hot hatches weren’t just your regular grocery getters!!
Nearly all the cars where equipped with Honda’s infamous DOHC Vtec engines, a host of hop-up parts like aftermarket headers, cold air intakes and a plethora of tuning and suspension parts.
But getting groceries is serious business it would seem!

As we said earlier, we had just finished shooting a feature car, so we invited the owner and friends along to see what the Honda kids get up to these days.

The three white imposters stole a bit of attention away from some of the Honda owners, little did they know both the R33, 180SX and Impreza are all N/A powered.
The Subaru packs quite a punch, with a worked SOHC engine it surprises anyone that is game enough to stand near it when the engine turns over!

Did we say there were a lot of popped bonnets at the meet?
Nearly every single car was showing off something under the hood that day!

I still have the S2000 high on my ‘Cars I need to own’ List, with prices continuing to drop it might happen sooner than I think.

JDMST supporter sticker!!
Now they don’t hand these out to just anyone! Well maybe anyone who pays…
Want one? Simply head to http://www.jdmstyletuning.com/

Such a simple interior, and that digital dash…
I really need to cross this off my list!

As well as the Civic’s, there were a fair few Preludes at the meet. I must say, I have never come across a 3rd generation Prelude with as clean an engine bay as this!

Somehow I don’t think the scrape sticker was really necessary for it’s current height…

Now this is just your standard Honda S2000…
F20C engine with your umm a giant oil catch…
No wait, ummm a window wiper jet…

… No, that’s just a dirty great big turbo charger!
The car is currently putting out about 298 rear wheel KW on just 13PSI, there is apparently room to move with this and there was talk of it hitting nearly 400KW with a previous tune!!

Mr Neil Gray of Primal Garage fame’s daily EG Civic, with a passion for sliding high powered rear wheel drive imports and owning one of the best looking 180SX in the country, you can imagine that this isn’t exactly your standard EG Breeze…

Running a B18C2 from an Integra VTI-R and 5 stud conversion this is definitely an exciting daily driver!

One of the only Anime inspired cars in Australia, this tiny Excel turned some heads when it rolled in!

Nity’s FD looking just as good as ever. At every meet he goes to, people are just drawn to this carbon draped Civic.
As soon as the carbon hood is propped open a small crowd forms, like feeding ducks by a pond.

LS Integra’s are becoming a rare sight, so it is nice to see one getting looked after. How clean is the paintwork?

Love it or hate it, this car gets attention for all the right and wrong reasons depending who you talk to. We love it!!

We are also very pleased to have made the windshield hall of fame!

I absolutely love shooting under the Bolte bridge, where else can you find such an awesome background and not be disturbing the public and creating a problem for the local police?!

Yes this is a genuine EK9 Type R Civic, I think I’m in love!

From little things, big things grow!
This turned into around 40-50 cars by the end.

Joshua’s bagged Accord now sporting some “defect me now” plates…

It really was nice to see a bunch of very different Honda’s mixing it up together, normally it is only one group off together and things tend to get a bit too repetitive.

For anyone who is not big into the Honda scene, some modifications can go unnoticed or unappreciated.
The rear control arms under this EK Civic are worth a few shiny pennies!!

One very low and stripped out DC2 Integra sitting on some widened steelies, something gaining some popularity here in Oz.

The car scene has changed dramatically in last 12 months, since attending meets early last year enthusiasts have turned each event into a mini car show.
Everyone walks around and mixes with other groups and they talk cars, parts and more cars!
It really is a breath of fresh air to an otherwise boring experience of parking a car and standing next to it.

To think it’s pretty much winter and we are still able to get an exciting bunch of cars out in the minus 10 degree weather, this summer will be Melbourne’s biggest year for modified cars and like minded enthusiasts.

Another EK9 Type R! Seriously perfect from factory!
If I won the lottery this would be one car I’d purchase and lock away for many, many years!

Being the middle of the year the sun soon faded just past 5pm, having headed to this meet straight from a feature car shoot that started at the crack of dawn, we were also fading so it was time to head home!

Grant and myself finished our last lap of the cars before packing up and heading home, everyone else still continued exploring and chatting amongst themselves as we left and the light disappeared.
If you haven’t been to a recent car meet, make sure you are a fan on our facebook page to get the latest meet and cruise info and get yourself along to the next one!
Otherwise you are missing out!
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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