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An Evolution To Make Darwin Blush :: Local Evo Meet

Last weekend, between a feature car shoot and a meet at Garage Cafe, I managed to squeeze in a small Evo meet Saturday night. With around 20-30 cars it wasn’t a massive event but the quality of the cars was very impressive!

Spotted :: GSS sticker on Jesse’s unhealthily clean Evo 7!
I just want to throw some dirt at this car, sorry Jesse!

I normally take most Evo’s for granted but this was the first time I have seen so many Evo’s together with no other cars around and I was certainly impressed!

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Darth Vader! Why aren’t there more black Evo’s? I don’t know…
They look great!!

A wild VW Golf appeared!!
It was looking very spiffy dropped on some colour coded BBS mesh wheels too!

I recognised this wild looking Evo! This car belonged to a friend in NSW but it’s now with a new owner here in Melbourne.

The new owner plans to do some tweaking under the hood, after he clears his recent minor defect…

Much, much cleaner without the badges!

After walking around for 15 mins I kept coming back to this Silver Evo 9…

Owned by Vinnie for a little over two years, he has set out to make his own perfect Evo.
After getting the car away from the group for some private photos, you can see why I was so attracted to it!
The exterior has been subtlety modded but everything works together to make it quite a standout car.
With a set of aggressive looking Varis side skirts, front lip and generous amounts of carbon accessories the whole way around the car, it looks pretty unique compared to 90% of the other Evo’s on our roads.

The body sits pretty damn low over the Rays wheels and the ride height is brought to you by BC ER Coilovers.
The front is a touch higher to save that beautiful Varis carbon front lip from eating too much pavement.

Perfect fitment!! TE37SL 18 x 9.5 +22 at all four corners!
Tucking under the rear bar is a ver. 2 full carbon diffuser from Varis, with carbon splitter fins too!
Poking out from behind that is a PE II cat back exhaust from Greddy.

Inside you’ll find a pair of leather Bride Ergo 2’s on some matching Bride rails, a heap of Ralliart accessories and one extremely cool HKS digital gauge module running through his DVD screen!!
Vinnie has a few plans to re-trim the interior to match the seats, expect to see some leather and red stitching soon!

Up front you can see the Cusco brace hiding behind the grill, under the hood there are just a few bits from Tomei and Gruppe M and Ralliart, all of which help make a respectable 223KW’s at all four wheels!
Shifting through that power is made easier thanks to a OS Giken STR twin plate clutch.
Vinnie is nearly finished with the exterior, so the next plan of attack will be increasing the performance and includes some new cams and some extensive tuning.
We can’t wait!!

Stopping Vinnie’s ride is a full package from Project Mu on all four corners, with SCR slotted rotors and B-Spec brake pads!!

We think this is one of the best Mitsubishi’s around! The Varis lip and side skirts transform this outspoken four door into a shouting track ready daily driver.

The Evo meet was cut extremely short by some unwanted attention from the boys in blue, we were kindly asked to leave as the highway patrol were now on their way.
The officers said that if nobody was doing anything silly (burnouts etc) then they would find something to do, “If no one is messing around then they’re going to start doing road worthies!”
So everyone called it a night and headed home, it really is a shame that a bunch of car nerds standing in a car park in front of a closed shopping centre talking about cars is seen as anti-social behavior.
More meets are planned and the Melbourne scene is truly alive and kicking despite plenty of attention from the local police.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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