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JDMST EOMM :: Fun With The Lights Off

Melbourne had another record turnout for the April JDMST end of month meet. Everyone who made it out had a great night and the cars were better than ever!
This was the first ever meet held at the Essendon DFO carpark. Aside from the lights being on an auto timer and people getting a bit lost it was a fantastic night out.

Small groups formed at a couple of pre-meets around the state earlier in the evening and this here was just some of the east side contingents getting ready to cruise to the final meet.

Arriving at the meet there was only around 10 cars, it was already 6pm, the light was fading fast and I was worried it would be a very small turnout.

I hurriedly snapped away at some cars before the light disappeared completely. I did manage to stop and have a chat to some owners too.
This Supra was actually the owners first car! It came exactly as you see it now.
Future plans involve cleaning it up and changing the body kit and maybe a set of new coilovers.

This Supra didn’t require any changes it was already clean as hell!

Not everything was strictly JDM as there is always a good mix of Euro cars attending the JDM Style Tuning meets.

This GTI had a very interesting set of Mercedes wheels. I’ve never seen this combination done locally before but it has been done overseas before.

Soon the car park was filling and the variety of cars was turning out better than expected.

This orange KE Corolla had traveled all the way from Ballarat for the meet, some other cars had come from Geelong and even Bendigo, absolute dedication right there!

No trick photography here. Two very simple white KE70 corolla’s parked together for all to enjoy.

Manny’s super clean SiR CRX is one of the most unique looking EF-8’s in all of Melbourne, this is due to black being the most popular colour when they were released 20+ years ago.

This blue JZX100’s had my attention for quite some time! I would love to own a Toyota Chaser myself one day, one of the best four door cars out of Japan!

Jimmy’s UMAD AE86, now with all wheels matching.

Some of the Team Tuffcore boys came out for the evening, the two S14’s are regular sliders at Vic Drift events.
We hope Jason follows their lead in his purple R32.

We’re digging Patty’s latest addition to his white R32 Skyline, the colour was so intense my camera struggled to capture it.

With every meet there is always one car or group that steals the show, Saturday night was no exception.
This wide body WRX and Nissan GTR came rolling through the crowd.

The WRX had carbon fiber everything and a Chargespeed body kit! The front bar had paid the price for driving on Melbourne’s roads though.
Within minutes the car was surrounded and it was impossible to get any more photos.

A reminder that R33 Skylines can be done right, this one looked very tough with the home made front lip.

One of the most senior car attending was this KE17 Corolla, also the cleanest car there! I think i need to ask the owner to wash my car 😛

Soon the car park was packed with an estimated 400+ cars over the whole night, not a bad effort for a weeks notice and a brand new location.

This S14 has been doing the rounds, every time we post a photo of it somewhere it gets loads of comments.
Congrats to the owner for building such a nice looking car.

As with any Melbourne car meet, the Honda boys were out in force!

This is one of the toughest looking S15’s I’ve come across at a JDMST meet, the colour and kit combo was killer!

Walking through each isle of cars I kept coming back to this Subaru Liberty, perfect height and wheel choice and that paint… Wow!

Another Team Tuffcore car – the Nissan Cube! These are still pretty rare here in Melbourne. It’s a shame as they look like a lot of fun to own.

This R33 GT-R looked the part, still covered in track day stickers!

This Audi looked like a stealth bomber and sounded insane!!

Genuine Ek9 with P plates… Very jelly!

The only Electron Blue Pearl Civic in Oz? We don’t know but we love it!

At around 7:30 all the lights in the car park switched off and a lot of cars decided that was enough and headed home.
The majority of cars stayed and all the photographers tried longer exposures and also some light painting.

We did a quick iPhone job on this Accord Euro, needles to say… We need bigger lights!

There was a heap of JDMST regulars like the YSOSRS Integra, getting a stare down from the yellow DC2 in the background.

And George’s Mk1 Golf that we featured earlier this month and now sporting new BBS wheels since the shoot.
What do you guys think of the new look? We love it!

Another beautiful rexy hatch, this time not so wide and sitting on some Work XD9’s.

During the night we meet up with De Croft owner/photographer Paul, he had brought along a very nice lighting setup so like a small fish feeding off a large shark we followed Paul around, whereever his light went, we went too!

Ryan’s BFLAT Polo, you guys have been seeing a lot of this car on the blog lately why? Because it looks so damn cool and it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photo of it!

Team Tuffcore’s youngest member possible has the most expensive car of the group, and it’s a girl!

Over the night I got stopped regularly for stickers and we nearly sold out!

I think for the next meet we will bring a friend along to man the ‘shop’, that way people don’t have to wait for us and they can find us a lot easier.

Low rider Honda Accord, definitely not the norm for a Honda but we approve!

Super clean Evo, female owner too!

Sorry boys she is taken.

The crowd began to shrink around 8:30pm…

… This made it much easier to get some nice close ups of cars like this wild looking DC5 Integra.

Got inter cooler?

The Mex Racing RX7 sitting on some nice gold Work SP1’s.

We had a chat to the owner of this RX7, the rear wheels stick out thanks to their massive 18 x 10 size.
He didn’t have time to fit his camber kit but said it should be looking spot on before the next weekend.

As we were shooting this Civic some of the local police arrived and at first people were about to leave.
Luckily they were pretty nice and just wanted to come check out some of the cars, they had a great sense of humor and joked around with a few of the owners too!

One of the last cars we managed to get some shots of was this spotless AW11, this MR2 has been with the owner for 6 long years!

What a massive turnout and great attitudes from everybody. We are looking forward to next months meet and hope the numbers of cars attending continues to grow.
After having a chat with the police we can now organise these events at this location without worrying about unwanted attention.
As always for a heads up on these events check out our Facebook page or the JDM Style Tuning web site.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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