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XXL2NV :: Hyundai Time Attack Car

What simply started as a tuned street car soon ended up a dedicated track monster.
Built by the crazy lads from Team Tuffcore, this Hyundai is going to shake things up this year on the professional time attack circuit.
Everything you see here is built by the boys themselves, no workshops, no help, just blood, sweet and hard earned dollars.

With a completely built car ready to hit the track, the boys needed to get some exposure. As you well know, racing isn’t cheap. Fuel, tyres and travel costs can all add up pretty quickly.
So we were approached by the boys to become their official media sponsor and needless to say we jumped on board straight away without hesitation!

The car is a shadow of it’s former self with massive over fenders and aggressive areo, all helping to transform the car completely!

This is no grocery-getter, not unless you are Michael Schumacher and had a hankering for ice cream 5 minutes ago!

The car got out of hand as a simple street car. Once the boys realized that it could hardly be driven without taking the paint off speed-humps wherever they went, they decided to bite the bullet and retired it from its’ street registered duties indefinitely.

Not a single bolt has been left untouched during the build, everything has been lightened and strengthened in the search of the fastest lap time.

The car runs a very high compression engine with a lot, I repeat a lot of boost!
Helping keep things reasonably cool under the hood is this massive vent.

The problem with building a car like this from such an uncommon platform has meant the guys have had to do a lot of custom fabrication along the way.
Things like these neat little GT mirrors have been completely built from scratch!

Now with the build being on a strict budget they have had to cut costs along the way, believe it or not, these wheels are replicas!

While the interior is still largely intact for this shoot, the boys have since built a dry carbon dash!!
We can’t wait to see it!

The car sits just 20mm from the ground, this made navigating the local streets for the photo shoot extremely difficult!

Here is a shot with a random child for scale references, the car is clearly bigger.

The Excel is running some pretty wild negative camber, the boys told me this was just for the shoot.
On the tack it is not so intense to save on tyre wear.

This Hyundai is tough to the core… (sorry!!)

There are a host of gauges and warning devices in the cockpit to help keep an eye on all the important things.

No stone has been left unturned, inside the bucket seats are mismatched so the driver is firmly in place in the very tight Groom seat and the passenger has a regular Bride seat for a little more comfort.

The massive tacho on the dash has harmed visibility but “the cool factor was far too high to mount it anywhere else.” – said the boys during the shoot.

The engine bay is just has highly modified as the exterior, ITB’s, ARC air box and a mid sized turbo all come together to produce the very impressive 484KW (p.m.p.o) at the wheels!

Suspension is comprised of a heap of the brand new Kony 2012 coilover range, this thing handles like nothing else.

When you take a step back to truly take in everything the boys have done to create this wild track car, you really appreciate what it takes to build such a monster…

… Months of tuning and rebuilding each part to chase that 0.01 second faster lap time, for example these canards are the 5th set that have been created for the car!!

The massive rear wing has probably been the single biggest expense the boys have had during the entire build, it’s estimated to have cost $12,000 Aud.

Yes this is a Photoshop… However the boys need your help to realize this dream and get them to the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge.
Please head to our Facebook page and hit the ‘like’ button, for every ‘like’ our page has we will donate two ‘likes’ to the Tuffcore Team page.

This is easily one of the most competitive time attack cars in the country right now and built on a relatively small budget thanks to in house tuning and fabrication.
This Excel is a testament to budget racing and the ‘underdog’ and after completing the local time attack circuit the boys have their eyes on taking the car overseas.

Don’t miss out on the amazing video we shot of this crazy car,

And, Visit Team Tuffcore http://teamtuffcore.tumblr.com/
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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