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dub vw water cooled
Sure to be the biggest VW and stance show of this year Dub-Stitute was a massive hit!
With over 100+ cars and blazing sunlight, everyone came out to see some incredible machines.
Type 3 Volkswagen
Volkswagen 1500 type 3 with period correct ice box and im digging the thermador car cooler.
subway, dubway sticker
There’s nothing more appropriate than a dub sticker at dub show and shine.
stanced VW Golf
The only soft top golf at the event was pulling off some mega stance.
dub vw water cooled
Bagged Eos, normally not a fan of these types of wheels but on this car they really work!
GTI polo racing
The GTI polo gang showed up in style, complete with show decals!
VW Scirocco australia
You don’t see many Scirocco’s on ausssie roads, yet their were a quite few at this show.
Audi brakes on VW Golf
A golf with massive audi brakes and brembro pads to suit.
skoda station wagon
This skoda looked even tougher in person!
so many volkswagon golfs
The golf was clearly the most popular car at this show nearly every generation was on show.
Volkswagen 1600TL Fastback
Volkswagen 1600TL Fastback, a timeless shape with modern stance.
Audi Quattro
A rare Audi Quattro in show room condition!, it was great to see one of these for real and not on old rally clips.
fast and furious golf
Very clean golf, this one reminds me of the first fast and furious.
VW GOLF big wheels
Nice subtle kit, a great looking exhaust setup and wheels that compliment this look.
MK1 golf slammed
MK1 golf’s, are just bawler! their was one for sale at the show and i was so tempted to buy it!!
seat leon
Nicely modified seat! all on it own.
passat station wagon stanced
Full respect to this bloke! the only bagged Passat in Victoria.
old VW
It’s great to see such cars still getting around after all this time.
beetle with custom old school grille
Custom grille! i can honestly say i have never seen this done to a VW beetle before.
dub vw water cooled
Super Clean! Super Fresh
dumped A4 audi
Hectic looking A4 with some nice engine mods!
VW dasher
Dasher in amazing condition.
best stanced MK1 golf in victoria
The back window says it all! the stance on this golf was truly inspiring.
beetle dash cluster
They do not make dash clusters like this any more!
Dub-Stitute event
For the first ever Dub-Stitute, this was an incredible success! with so many cars! and great awards to match. This event is sure to be an annual one! the stance scene is heavily growing and will not be ignored, so it is fantastic to see such an event on this type of scale.
Cant wait for the next Dub-stitute! check out vwwatercooled for more action in the VW scene.
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