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SAU General Meet :: General Awesome!

Skyline australia club, r32,r34
Victoria’s finest selection of GTR skylines took this cruise
from pancakes to the beach! with a variety of cars this meet did not disappoint.
r32 and evo
Likes this R32 GT-R, it was literally clean enough to eat off.
Mitsubishi evo 5 silver
This R32 is in such good nick it should be in a Shannon’s museum.
Mitsubishi evo 5 silver
With any one ‘make’ meet/cruise there are some imposters, no one seemed to mind this Evo dropping in. I find the older shape is becoming quite the classic, it won’t be long before we see them going for ‘classic’ prices!
best blue ever, skyline GTR, nice paint work
One of the most impressive rides was this beautiful Bayside Blue R34 GT-R, cars like this have such a presence
massive discs, calipers
With disc’s and calipers this big you could stop pretty much slow down the rotation of the earth.
A real GT-R
In one word CLEAN, this is a real GT-R, and it demands respect!
Gtr badge
Gran Turismo Racer that’s what this badge stands for, it represents years of development and performance.
Gt-r blue
This Bayside Blue R34 GT-R almost changes colour in this golden light.
Gtr interior
That LCD screen in the background actually isnt for the kids, it displays real time information like water and oil temp! this should be standard in all performance cars!
skyline GT-R silver
Another clean example of a great looking GT-R with an impressive set of rays wheels.
the one and only rebus racing
RedBus racing is one of Melbourne most up and coming time-attack teams! it was great to see this car on it last road outing before it is comited to full time race car.
R32 white sunset trees
The R32 is my favorite model in the skyline range, Godzilla brought a whole new dimension to performance cars and racing in general.
R32 gold BBS wheels
Nothing but gold for this Japanese classic.
r34 engine bay
The RB26 Legend, this is with out doubt Nissan’s most successful engine, with almost unlimited tuning capability.
skyline line up close up
Some of australias rarest GTR’s in one location!
r33 city views of Melbourne
Williamstown Newport was a great location for this SAU meet, with views of melbourne and the bay.
skyline line up
Rollcall; R33,”present”, R34, “present”, R31 …..r31!!……”away sick”
Fully drift modified 180sx, was sitting low and tuff with some heavily flared front guards.
skyline line up close up
As the sun disappeared , the city lights reveled them self. This was a great spot, unfortunately the fisherman
werent to happy with us jamming up their carpark! the meet went late and it was great to see so many SAU members together in one place.
Next cruise should prove to be even bigger.
– Grant
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