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Double K's :: Back Problems?

This is the story of Nity and his black FD1 Civic.
Having purchased the car brand spanking new from factory, it didn’t stay stock for very long… with new shoes and even a turbo charger going on before the factory warranty was up!
After visiting Japan several times and seeing what Honda’s were like in the land of the rising sun, Nity’s car back home began changing more with each trip.
Before even Nity himself knew what was happening, a deposit was left on a 2007 K20Z and gearbox, the rest was history.

This boost gauge is the only evidence of the old turbo setup. Driving the car boosted was fun but it could never match the experience of driving the Type R back in Japan.
After two years the inevitable happened to the standard R18A1 engine, when the block was destroyed as the pistons desperately tried to escape their boosted prison.

All this happened under the factory warranty and needless to say the local mechanics at the dealership didn’t understand what Nity was trying to do to this perfectly good brand new car.

While traveling in Japan, Nity got the opportunity to drive the highly drooled over FD2R Type R sedan but with no way of importing one here to Australia, he got busy building one of his own instead.
First things first, he found a suitable engine/gearbox and then a workshop that would help him to become one of the first people in Australia to perform a K swap on a late model FD1 Civic.

Along the way the car started to lose some of it’s factory lines with Mugen RR carbon fenders…

…bonnet, rear boot lid and spoiler! All helping to change the small Japanese family car and transform it into a ferocious street car that is more than comfortable at the local track.

Along with all the Mugen RR goodies, there is also an OEM FD2R front bumper and a handful more Mugen parts such as side skirts, visors and a rear bumper finishing the exterior off nicely.

The car sits very low and handles extremely well thanks to some HSD coilovers. The car used to sit on Tein’s but after a recommendation from a friend Nity upgraded and has never looked back.

Holding everything together underneath is 4 point summit undercarriage bar along with front and rear strut braces.

After spending a bit of time in Japan, Nity became a huge fan of touge and time attack racing. So drives through Melbourne’s surrounding mountains have become a regular activity for Nity and his friends.

Here is the heart and soul of this FD1, the infamous Honda K series. Sourced from late model Integras and Civics it has become a household name among tuners even from different staples, not to be underestimated, it has some serious potential.
Helping the engine do it’s thing, are some Toda valve spring retainers and a Toda header, custom 3″ exhaust and a Hondata K Pro ecu helps to keep everything running in time.

The office has remained fairly stock as comfort is still a priority for Nity, however keeping him in place on the track was a requirement.
Taking care of this is a Takata 5 point harness and a pair of Recaro’s from a Type R Civic.

Inspiration for the build can be found sitting on the dashboard at all times, a diecast FD2R model Civic sits next to his  oil and boost gauges.
Nity’s biggest influence however has been the late Ayrton Senna, a great hero to have when your favorite past time is circuit racing and time attack.

The car was in ‘track’ mode for the photo shoot, sitting on 17×8 Enkei Rpf01 rims, keeping the car glued to the tarmac is some Federal 595rs.

Sudenly a wild EP3 appeared!

It turned out it was just Nity’s best friend, Chris, who is also a Honda lover and enthusiast of all things time attack.

Chris’ Ep3 remains fairly stock aside from the stripped stereo and a 5.46 Buddy Club final drive.
Keeping the engine breathing is a GruppeM intake and bored throttle body and revs are maintained when shifting thanks to a lightweight Toda flywheel and Exedy heavy duty clutch.

Handling is improved thanks to Mugen suspension and J’s racing C-pillar, font and rear strut braces.  Hard race rear camber adjusters help to keep things at the back under control.

Things on the outside haven’t been left untouched, rocking a very unique and yet to be painted Airwalker font lip and an aggressive looking Buddyclub spoiler.

Sitting perfectly on a set of bronze Volk TE37’s 17×7.5 up front and 8.5 rear, wrapped in the same rubber as the FD1, Federal 595RS.
Two extraordinary K-powerd honda’s, two amazing friends with a passion for going fast and daring to be different!
The plans for the black FD1 are just tweaking and refining whats already there, so lap times can drop significantly as Nity makes improvements and adjust his driving style to suit the new responsive engine.
Nity would like to thank everyone who helped with the build…
“Modproject’s Bao & Sok, Jack from Real Tune, Mark from Seeker Motorsports, Wallstreet Kustoms for fitting Carbon Bits, Johnny from OTR, Ben Smith from Tyres Plus Pakenham, Trent from Chequered Tuning. My gf Leigh Macaullay, Cagdas Dabal, Brett Swain, Chris Ryan, Christian Willer, Jordan Anthony for their countless nights in the garage. Sensai Gary Mathrick, Autobarn Cranbourne for their support and all my friends and family.”
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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