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Vic Drift :: Last Bash For The Year

Vic Drift’s last members day of the year was a great catch up for old and new friends, I only managed to take photos in the earlier sessions but this left me with plenty of time to catch up with some of the guys…

Like Stirling Wright and his beast of an R33 Skyline up close, look at those teeth!

Comes complete with speed holes!! After a quick chat with Stirling I learned that the holes are necessary to vent all the smoke that ends up in his cabin mid drift. See here…
The car has tubes in the rear and this lets all the smoke in, Stirling has a few more tricks up his sleeves to help. He really isn’t fussed by all the smoke tho and enjoys the show it puts on.

Bryan Lambino of ‘Frush’ fame’s clean 200SX.

Waiting for track time

Matt Russlle’s new Sprinter, same chassis and same wheels but can it drift?


Polished wheels are my favorite wheel to take photos of, they always look incredible in an action shot.

It’s amazing how much angle Nigel’s 180SX can get in the seemingly straight sections.

One of the most dedicated looking drift cars I’ve seen in a long time.

KE Corollas are killing it at the moment, I really want to see some more at the track.

Two of the mad men in R33’s, having a bit of side by side synchronized sliding.

Nigel doing what he does best, I love how early he initiates his drifts.

Bryan getting some great angle first thing in the morning.

It’s amazing how much clearance these cars don’t have!

This Chaser is awesome, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it!

Very clean, not a massive fan of carbon wraps but this is a nice touch.

The “Camry” badge finishes it off!

Back out on the track this R33 was killing it, very consistent lines through the back section of Winton.

There was a couple of new cars I had never seen out, this 200SX was getting really good as i headed back into the pits.

Plenty of cars repping some “Frush” love, their site is coming soon so be sure to check it out!

A new car out on the track, Vas’s RX7 replacing his white 200SX. Loving it mate!

Love this photo, it’s like time has stopped!

Here is the track monster S13 again, really looking forward to seeing this car in some 2012’s competitions.

Stirling giving the thumbs up.

Drift Tek’s seem to be the wheel of choice for a heap of the street cars. i counted about 5 cars running them!

The early morning rain didn’t help keep the cars clean,

A massive plus to not taking photos in the afternoon meant that I could go for a ride with Nigel in his very quick 180SX.

This hand break gets quite the workout down the back straight of Winton!!

The last drift event in Victoria for the year was by far one of the most laid back I’ve been to, being a members only day it was really a big catchup/fair well before the year is out.
I hope you like the handful of pics, there’s a heap more on our Facebook page. check it out!
Can’t wait till next year kicks off, with events like Drift Matsuri  and ADGP we have heaps to look forward too!
We still have plenty of things happening over the break, some more feature cars and a few meets coming your way!
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