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SAU :: Show 'N' Shine

The Vic boys and girls from SAU put on a show ‘n’ shine event down at the Docklands in Melbourne over the weekend, before I made it into the event I was stuck looking at this very clean Nur Spec R34 for quite some time…

Sitting perfectly on some Rays CE28N Genesis, this car was beautiful!

Not far from the R34, was one of Melbourne’s toughest R32 GT-Rs. Sometime later I eventually made it into the show.

The event itself was fairly small however the quality of cars on show was fantastic and there was plenty of variation.

From the simply clean.

To the ruff and tough.

Looking down the line-up of the usual suspects.

I kept coming back to this R34, incredibly well put together and the F1 style mirrors made it!

Oh my…

Check out those brakes!!

Love it or hate it, sticker bombing is here to stay! I personally like a bit of tasteful bombing.

A Mitsubishi Evo found its way into the Skyline show, it looked so good that nobody seemed to care.

Melbourne’s Docklands provided a great backdrop.

Cars on show ranged from Street, JDM to full blown track cars like this ‘Bathurst R32 Skyline’.

Also in the racing corner we had the Red Bus R33, you may remember it from the recent Track Battle at Calder Park.

I have never seen Enkei RPF’s on a Skyline before but somehow it just works.

One very serious Onevia, daily driven too!

Pretty in pink and black?

Oh Herro!

A truly perfect GT-R, if I owned an R32 it would look pretty much just like this.

This R34 looked angry and hungry, almost like it could devour people as they passed by.

Needless to say, I kept my distance from it’s mouth.

It doesn’t get much better then this, V-Spec II Nur edition. only 750 made and three showed up for this event!

The heart of any Skyline, the mightyRB26.
It was great to see modified cars on show in a public place like this, in such terrible times for owners of modified cars it’s great to show the care and pride most owners have for these cars. Great work by the organisers!
I hope more of these events can happen next year, owners of modified cars need to change the opinions of the public before it’s too late and they are all banned.
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.

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