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Classic Japan :: Best On Show

November saw Melbourne’s 1st annual classic Japanese car show, hosted by the Toyota Car Club
of Australia, Victoria. The event’s proceeds went to BeyondBlue to help fight depression, with 120+ cars on display the show was a massive success!

All the cars attending were manufactured before 1986, some of the ‘modern’ classics had some interesting cosmetic mods…

The true classic of our generation, the Toyota Sprinter.

Nardi’s seemed to be the wheel of choice.

Cressida wagon with functional roof racks, does it get much better?

A few rides had some wild engine conversions…

Like this Datsun’s SR20DET engine swap.

Mustang design cues?

Some cars didn’t have much in the way of looks from the factory to attract the younger enthusiasts…

Carefully choose some wheels and some accessories and bam! your car suddenly stands out from the crowd.

While this is not everyone’s cup of tea, I think the owner did a great job fusing the classic and current styles together.

One of the more modified cars at the event was this orange KE70 Corolla, I think someone stole it’s suspension tho.

I kind of miss all the chrome trims of yesteryear.

The R30 Skylines are increasing in popularity with young modifiers, thanks to some beautiful examples popping up on the net.

There were more pride building cars in those days, unfortunately most Japanese car makers have lost their way…

With quirky cars and loads of character, becoming a thing of the past.

The interior of this Toyota Century stole the show, complete with a TV and electric windows – all factory fitted!

And it’s official now… every car is at least 11% better with fender mirrors!

Now a Trueno coupe is truly a rare sight here in Australia.

One of the few Mazda’s at the event, this Rx-7 may have been a bit too wild for most. We liked it a lot!

Rear facing back seat in a wagon… no wonder people stopped going to the drive-in movies, they stopped making the right cars to go in!

One of the most tastefully modded cars at the show.

This Datsun killed it with a perfect wheel choice and ride height.

A very subtle and clean Levin hatch, I hope some 90’s cars will be kept this clean over the next 10-2o years.

This may have been lost on some of the older show goers…

I wish there were more tough utes like this, a little rat rod influence goes a long way.
Just like the FJ Holden this Isuzu shares a large detailed red horn, this type of detail is just not seen anymore.
All I can say is nice paint!
datsun 1200
“Dad can I have one?” This looks like an advert from the late 70s.

With so many cars fighting for attention, it was hard to concentrate on one car

Seat belts, who needs them? Wait, what?! They can save my life! I better read this manual to see how.

Datsun, the car of the 80s, 180b’s were so common! This was the first time I had seen one in the last 7 years.

This clean datsun 1600 was in show room condition!
datsun 1600
Classic Japanese cars always pull the chicks!
Red crown
The crown, what more can you say.. its awesome!

One of the most beautiful cars ever designed by Mazda.

If only cars came like this from factory!
Thanks for reading,
– The Grip Shift Crew.

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