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Supreme Caravans Drift Attack :: No Caravans, But Loads Of Drifting…

s13 drift car
Arriving at Calder Park at 8am Saturday morning I was greeted by Ender’s stunning Nissan S13, it made it all worth while after fighting off the torrential rain to get there.

r33 skyline orange drift machine
It didn’t take long for the sun to come out and dry the track out, by 9:30 the sunburn had started setting in.
s14 orange wheels, full action shot
The quality of drifting over the day was awesome. Sean Powers was piloting this clean 200SX.
r33 black drift machine
I’ve never seen so many R33 Skylines drifting before. This black example did surprisingly well, considering the amount of smoke in the cabin.
Storm-trooper s13 legend
Ender’s S13, looking just as good on the track!
nissan s13 spin out
With only a handful of spins requiring track marshals to tow cars out, the day ran amazingly smooth.
toyota Chaser blue wheels
One of the best Toyota Chasers I have ever seen, driven by Justin Stockley. He looked very comfortable sliding around the track.
Drift Squid, jake jones, drif car
The amount of interstate cars attending was amazing and Jake Jones was a definite crowd favorite –
Nissan 180sx Nigel Petrie
While Nigel Petrie was the ‘home’ favorite. The competition between the two in the Pro Class was going to be fierce.
Nissan Silvia
While changing memory cards I found this serious looking Nissan Silvia hiding in the pits. The car didn’t compete but I was drawn back to it several times.
Simon Michelmore red s14, 180 front
Simon Michelmore started the day with a bang, qualifying 1st.
Drift Squid
Jake ‘Drift Squid’ Jones took the slow and steady approach and qualified 5th.
Insane Drifters s14
The Insane Drifters are definitely some of the best looking cars in the scene, luckily the boys can back it up with some quality drifting.
RB24 nissan s13
This matte black s13 was rocking an RB24 engine swap, need i say more?
stormtrooper monster drift car
Ender at it again, this car has been dubbed the ‘stormtrooper’ across the internet.
Darren Bishop nissan s13
Darren Bishop’s yellow Nissan Silvia, before it lost its front bumper during a battle.
Chris Johnson's R32
Chris Johnson’s R32 was driving fantastic all day, with quite a gap between the the other Street cars. I think Chris will be entering the next event in the Pro Class.
Bryan Lamb the drifter
Bryan Lamb qualified 5th in the street class. I really liked Bryan’s style on the track.
s14 sideways
Simon didn’t drop the bar all day, driving his way into the top 4.
drift sqiud s13
It was becoming obvious quite quickly that Jake was taking the lead.
drift battle smash
Chris and Stirling made contact during a battle, causing Chris’s rear bumper to come loose.
ae86 in battle
John “Papa” from Insane Drifters took the win against Matt Russel in his Toyota AE86.
r33 skyline
Stirling Wright’s R33 at it again, I still don’t know how he could see anything.
drift war drift squid
Jake and Papa got a little bit too close. After this pic, Jake lost one of his skirts!
Nigel 180sx drift car
Nigel and Simon’s battle: After around 4 reruns Nigel took the win.
drift attack winners
The top three, Jake Jones 1st, Andrew Paraskevas 2nd and Nigel Petrie 3rd.
drift squid, drift attack overall winner
Jake happy with his win.

A great day, the weather turned out to be perfect!
Congrats to Jake “Drift Squid” Jones, Agess and Nigel Petrie for taking out the pro competition.
Also great driving to Chris Johnson 1st, Adam Mobarek 2nd and Richard Ryan 3rd in the Street Class.
Thanks to Yoshi and all the crew from Vic Drift for running such a great event.

Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.
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