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Awkward Moment :: When The Rubber Breaks…

This R32 Skyline is about to stop, rather quickly. The black smudge behind the car is in fact not dirt on my lens…

You can see where this is going…

One second fully inflated and keeping you glued to the road, the next minute it is flat and about to do some damage.

Here the destroyed tyre starts to bash the inside of the rear quarter panel. At this point, the car is really out of control.

What’s a spin without a good burnout?!

The rim somehow still intact after the sudden contact with the tarmac.

The aftermath… still with smoke blowing in the wind!
It’s amazing to see things like this unravel in slow motion.
It really goes to show the level of attention these drivers must have to avoid major accidents on the track.
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– Gwyn.

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