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Tectaloy:: International Drift Challange

night drift
As the lights went up and the sun came down, WTAC was over, but for most spectators
the real fun was just about begin.
night drift
It was easy to see by the crowds and skill level of every driver that the Tectaloy Drift Challenge was going to
be a huge success.
Cole Armstrong crash
Not even 30 minutes into the practice night, disaster struck as Cole Armstrong (NZ driver of the
V Energy R34) entered the corner as this S13 spun out mid drift.
Cole Armstrong crash
Both Cole and the driver of the s13 Khudar El Haouli, walked away unharmed. The same cannot be said
for the cars after the 100+kph impact.
crazy eye
The show went on and the drivers relaxed, however I could not help but feel this car was giving me
some serious ‘stink eye’ as it flew past.
drift ute
Drift utes have never been my thing, however this car was pretty impressive during the practice drifts
but it did not make it into the top 8.
Lloyd Smith's V8 swapped KE70 Corolla
An absolute crowd favorite was Lloyd Smith’s V8 swapped KE70 Corolla, the smoke from the rear end was insane!. Lloyd also missed out on the top 8 by only two spots!
mad mike
You could be forgiven if you had thought an F1 car had made it on to the track, the sound from
Mad Mike’s quad rotor screaming as it entered the corner was stupidly loud!
As the second night progressed, the drivers started pulling out all the stops, high speed
entries and extreme angles.
The harder the drivers pushed, scraping the rumble strip became a frequent event with sparks flying everywhere.
And again…
ae86 drift
My personal favorite for both skill and car, Beau Yates, Australian driver of this potent AE86.
ae86 drift
This 180sx piloted by Internet star Nigel Petrie, famous for his work in progress “drift Hilux” that has been getting some limelight across the net.
Daynom Templeman
This RX7 driven by NZ Driver┬áDaynom Templeman placed 2nd overall, despite being overshadowed by Mad Mike’s flames during the battles, very impressive!
Beau Yates
Beau Yates managed a very respectable 3rd.
Drift Squid
The Drift Squid S13 provided a great smoke show for the crowd, coming in at 9th place. not too shabby given the caliber of some of the drivers.
mad mike
My last pic for the Tectaloy coverage. It’s easy to see why Mad Mike’s RX7 has literally, been burnt into the minds of the spectators.
Easily the best drift event held on Australian soil, the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge showed off some great rivalry between Aus and NZ, leaving the crowd begging for more. For the results of the competition head over to worldtimeattack.com
With talks of another event in the works for next year, here at Grip Shift Slide we’re excited to see what next year holds.

In the meantime we will be covering next months Drift GP here in Melbourne.
Thanks for reading
– Gwyn.

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