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WTAC 2011 :: The Greatist Racing Event On The Calender

It was easy to see just looking at the serious aero-enhancements, that the World Time Attack Challenge 2011 was on a whole new level of motor sport competition in Australia.

Even the entries in the ‘Recaro Clubsprint Class’ looked like pro team cars, also surprising was the amount of rear wheel drive cars in this years event.

Like the GT Autogarage RX7, it managed to break the 1:44 mark, putting them in 35th spot in the ‘Hankook Open Class’.

This earlier model WRX looked right at home on the track. It goes to show that you don’t need the latest chassis to be competitive.

101 Motorsports took out 18th place in the Open Class in this agile Honda CRX, very impressive for a 20 year old chassis and FWD!!

Tilton Interiors EG Civic, finished two places faster. 16th in the Open Class.

The Croydon Racing Developments R35 looked fast! Grabbing 2nd place in the Clubsprint class behind another R35 GTR.

Anda Suzuki looking determined for a fast lap, the Scorch Racing S15 had so much dry carbon fiber I’m amazed it didn’t blow away in the wind.

The car to beat, The Cyber Evo. No one got close to the final lap time put down by ‘Tarzan’ Yamada  1:28.8510!!!

Mazda Rx7’s seemed to be the cars of choice at this years WTAC, with 11 RX7’s competing over the three classes.

The fastest Australian driver Garth Walden managed a  1:30.8660 putting him in 4th place in the Advan Pro Class.

CRD’s R35 Skyline looked very stable in the high speed corners, piloted by Miles Tauber.

Friday’s lunch break had teams huddled around cars or laptops to rethink strategies and make some last minute adjustments…

While the drift boys got ready to give a quick demonstration on the art of sliding.

Mad Mike’s Red Bull Rx7, eying off the competition…

I still can’t decide if these guys are extremely brave or extremely stupid, ether way it made for some great spectator sport. Here Mad Mike gets over 150kph for the first corner.

Beau Yates linking the corners perfectly during the drift demo was one of the highlights for me at this years WTAC.

Mike’s RX7 spitting flames as he goes for the final run.

As the drift demo wrapped up teams hurried to get any final adjustments finished before going back out.

Morpowa’s 2JZ powered 180sx heads out after some quick changes to the fuel delivery and timing, placing 2nd in the open class. Congratulations to Simon Podlewski and the team at Morpowa.

Tilton Interiors EG Civic won the trophy for ‘fastest FWD’.

Anda Suzuki was a crowd favorite, placing 5th in the Pro Class. An astounding achievement for a privateer entry!!

The cost however, damaging two gearboxes in the process and spending all night repairing it before the following days sessions.

This will be the Australian car to watch at next years event. Dean Evans only managed a  1:35.1340 during the event but this car is quicker than that, much quicker!

Some heat from the exhaust as Garage Revolution’s RX7 is pushed to a podium finish. Some consistent driving by Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, placing 3rd for Pro Class.

This was my favorite car to photograph, no matter how fast it was going it always looked smooth and under control.

Placing 8th, I am sure the boys from Panspeed will have made some improvements before next year.

Saturday night the sun set and the day was done, 108 cars from all over the globe competing in Sydney for the best time attack bragging rights in the world.
Well done to the team behind Cyber Evo and every one involved and especially the organizers.
Without their hard work none of this would be possible. Thanks to sponsorship from Yokohama, Hankook, Recaro and countless local business as well.
I’m eagerly counting down the days till next years event.
Thanks for reading
– Gwyn

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