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Amazon Prime :: The Grand Tour S2 Premiere

After a short flight to Sydney I found myself at a rather unique venue by the name of Carriage Works. Why had I flown from Melbourne? Well Amazon Prime was hosting a fancy premiere for the first episode of the brand new second season of The Grand Tour!

On arrival I was greeted with a large line of people all excited to finally see what the ex Top Gear crew had been filming over the last six months. The very first season of The Grand Tour debuted on the 18 November 2016 and ever since the boys have been very busy.

Plenty of cars had been placed on display for the hordes of Instagram starlets and competition winners to enjoy. The Lamborghini Aventador featured prominently around the venue. This was for good reason because the car was featured in the very first episode of the second season; the very episode that we were about to all watch. Yet the cars were not the only attraction at the Amazon Prime premiere with a green screen photo booth proving popular on the night.

As everyone entered the main building they were greeted with this striking red Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and this made quite a few people very excited! They ran up to the car as though they were a 2 year old ready for a trip to the playground!

A DJ with her very own GT booth was making sure that the old Carriage Works buildings were full of music. Among the crowd were a mix of Instagram celebrities, including ex The Block contestants, and a cohort of socialites and corporate types alike.

Sydney has deep culture of show cars and a large modified car scene. I would have loved to have seen some local tuner cars at the Amazon premiere in addition to a selection of cars from a luxury car dealership. Although the show focuses on new performance cars it also features the adventure part of The Grand Tour where they purchase old performance and luxury cars to tour the country in.

Having a re=creation of the very background set of the show was a really nice touch and helped give the premiere a distinct atmosphere.

The black sheep of the pack was this Mini. I’m not sure why they picked this as a display car apart from its British heritage. Having religiously watched Top Gear from its early episodes until its worldwide roll out and throughout its demise this show has the same old format.

It’s this format that has made the show successful but only with the correct hosts in place. Clarkson, Hammond and May have been the only hosts to make this show shine. Now with a new name and no old school TV producers saying no to all ideas the boys now have the freedom to create a new legacy in a new age of entertainment.

Amazon was really going for that red carpet feel! Bringing people close to the types of cars that they have been watching Clarkson, Hammond and May drive over the last few years.

Seeing so many supercars in one place felt like some kind of Abu Dhabi party. Amazon really did a great job putting the premiere all together.

Amazon spared no expense, making sure that The Grand Tour branding was everywhere throughout the event including the popcorn boxes!

Complete with raised seating this outdoor style cinema experience was a fresh and exciting way to display the premiere. A show that most would normally watch at home in their undies while yelling at a fluffy dog to stop barking!

The premiere started with an address from Jeremy Clarkson to the Australia Amazon Prime audience. This made me wonder how many countries he had to do a shout outs for. The Grand Tour season 2 episode 1 started after a short preview of the second season highlights.

The show was full of the same old antics. Clarkson was driving cars too hard and breaking them while May was busy letting us know why the car he was driving was the best of the bunch! Not to mention Hammond was driving one of the fastest electric cars the world has ever seen. I can’t say much more about the episode except the fact there is a shocking surprise towards the end of the show which was nail biting to say the least. A must watch episode for sure!
The Grand Tour S2 Key Art (low res logo)

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