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Classic Cars :: Drysdale

There have not been any real JDM meets this January, yet the Classic car and Hot Rod scene seems to have an event every weekend! So i drove to Drysdale to check it all out.

hot rod
Upon walking in i was greeted by this customized ford coupé Hot Rod, the black wire wheels really set this car off nicely not to mention the great decals.
Chevrolet Impala australia
This 1960’s Chevrolet Impala really looks the part out in the arid landscape of Drysdale.
Ford xp falcon
The Ford xp falcon is one of those underrated classic cars, it doesn’t get much attention at shows but damn they are nice.
mid 1960's mustangs
Not your every day mustang, this may not appeal to most but it is refreshing to see a mustang other than the super popular mid 1960’s mustangs.
type of car
Now this is my type of car, small light and all kinds of crazy!, its a lotus 19, well that what it looks like to me, i may be wrong. If this is in fact a Lotus 19 it is extremely rare even if it is a remake.
When you see trumpets like these and the logo on the rocker cover you know this belongs to the Ford GT40.
classic moke
The Moke is one of those cars, with military styling inspired by war times, the 1970’s saw these cars on every street corner and now it is a gem to catch a glimpse of one.
Recently a new corvette was born and the keyboard warriors of the internet kicked up a huge fuss about its tail lights, its many vents and styling cues. If the internet existed back in the 1960’s do you think people would have said the same thing about the stingray?
Mad Max Falcon
All i could think about when i saw this was mad max! such a tough car!
classic cars 1960
When you look at these cars side by side you can see the similarity in design but they are both very different cars, today if you did a similar comparison i would bet that the cars of that era would stand out as completely individual cars unlike some of today’s designs.

classic carsclassic cars

The GT40, a car that demands attention, people who know nothing about cars and have no interest in them are just suddenly dawn to it like moth to a flame.
corvette stingray
This is just one of many fantastic corvette stingray coupés on show.
corvette stingrays
Everything in these early corvettes has so much character, this has to be one of the best looking classic dash set ups.
The simple lines on this Ford XP Falcon Squire Wagon are one of its most redeeming features.
Austin Healey
The Austin Healey, one of the biggest models of the Healey range, these are very popular as a weekender or just as a start for many classic car collectors.
hot rod ford
I like this Hot Rod, it doesnt shout look at me i demand attention, it is just nicely done and very clean too look at.

This had to be one of the most impressive Hot Rods at the show, everything had been custom built and the amount of chrome on this car was intense.
chrome car
Staying with the chrome theme, this Holden HG Premier sat with a lot of other shiny Holdens of that era.
classic ambulance
The 1945 4WD field Ambulance has to me my favourite of the whole show, i have never seen such an ambulance, it is so scary you would think you were being taken to hell not hospital in this thing.
cars in park
Down away from the main football oval a small group of cars gathered and quickly filled almost all of the car park.
mx5 modified
Found this little mx5 hiding in the car park, this is the first time i have seen one with a carbon bonnet in Victoria.
capri australia
The Ford Capri of the 1970’s has so many style references to other very successful cars of that era like the Mercedes-Benz SLC and Celica Liftback 2000 GT.
classic cars geelong
Many of the cars on show are cars that have lived in and around Geelong for over 40 years this show gave many the chance to show off their pride and joy. With so many Classic cars shows on lately, this will not be the last time you will see classic cars on GSS, why? because there is twice as many classic shows as there is jdm / modern car shows.
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