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Downshift 2012 :: End Of Year Meet

Well it was the end of the working year for the lucky-some (my self included) and I was coaxed into attending only my second Downshift meet for the year, I think even the first one I didn’t even take my own car to. But none the less, it’s quite stunning to see the exponential growth of this event. You see threads and photo’s scattered over the forums post-event, but it’s just not the same, you have to be here to really appreciate how far this has come.
Myself and a few friends arrived relatively early, which is quite rare, but since I haven’t used my a camera since my last post on GSS back in 2011 I really did require a bit of warm-up work. So I started the day down from the main entry gate, turned out to be quite a nice spot!

Another cool little MX5, you see at least 5 at most meets.

This R33 was a monster, not knowing at the time of the photo but later in the day its engine bay was pulling quite a crowd!

A very very clean EVO. Although I’m not as big a fan of these as I am the VII’s and up, still credit for a clean car.

I chubbed up after this came through, the noise was just lovely.

Another tidy P-Plater, it’s cliché but I can never get tired of a clean Supra.

The DC5, this car reminds me 45SET (for the QLD Honda People).

I believe this owners name to be Paul. I’ve been familiar with the plates 57ING for about 5 years now and would see this car twice a week around the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

This Starlet belongs to Ant. I first saw this a few years ago through Boostcruising and the detail with this car really is phenomenal.

Sharpy’s SRJ37, another member of Club High Rollers.

Don’t quote me on this, but I do remember Ant (two above) having a blue 350Z and plates similar to this. Either way, big fan of it!

Another mint R32.

MCS91. I photographed this back in 2011 at one of the ADGP events IIRC.

One for the die-hards!

Tough! Great offset and the twin pipes kill it!!

It’s amazing what wheels do for a car in general. Am actually currently working on a KE38 with a close friend.

Hellllooooooo ladies!

Oh my sweet lord! If anyone from Brisbane remembers the POV crew, they definitely had a way with Hondas, looks like nothing has changed.

Another tidy FD, looks like many others agree too.

Probably my favorite P-Plater car of the day.

This E46 was just fantastic. Really I must have walked around it several times over the day.

This was definitely different, one of the only Chargespeed kitted s2000’s I’ve seen in the country.

Early model EVO, such an iconic car of the 90’s turbo heydays.

Waving the flag for the old school camp was this pristine Mazda R100 wagon, I loved all the little ‘JDM flare’ the owner had added.

I have been friends with Alex (The owner) for a few years now, and he really has done a remarkable job with this car. A lovely presented B20 EG.

As you can see, quite the cornucopia of cars on display, have seen this out at PowerCruise & PowerPlay.

That’s a nice bum!!

You all remember Mark and his NX Coupe? Past GSS feature car, still going strong!

In the words of the Joker…..”Well helllooooo beautiful”.

Charlie’s MXB055.  One of the best Mazda’s in the country, so well executed!
So to be honest, I don’t venture to these events much anymore, but it really was a nice way to end my year, good friends, good cars, good times. Rory, Foy, Matyas, Alex and the other DS crew members have done a fantastic job, well done folks.
Thanks for reading,
– David.

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