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RTR :: JDM Style Tuning Dyno Day


A couple of weeks ago a few members from the JDM Style Tuning forums managed to sweet talk the guys from the Road Track Rally into having JDMST dyno day at their workshop, the attending list on the forum was full and the workshop was filled with some truly amazing Japanese machinery on the day!

With the even running all day, car came and went so parking wasn’t an issue in the tiny back streets of Dandenong.
We snapped a few shots of Reece’s Camry while there was no other cars or a crowd around it (which is a rare sight at a JDMST meet).

This car receives a lot of praise for it’s stupidly low ride height and aggressive offset.

The SSR MS1 wheels are a perfect match for this unique entry into the stance scene.

The wild card for the day went to Tim and his SR20DET powered Club Man, this lightweight open wheeler coupled with the performance of the punchy boosted Nissan 2 liter engine would be one hell of a handful under full throttle!

Once one the rollers the little guy belted out an impressive 152Kw at the wheels!!

While the boys were slaving away in the dyno booth the workshop was filled with some beautiful street cars, loving the Ralliart mud flaps on this Evo!

This Evo sits a little closer to the functional side of the fence with a not so unfriendly ride height, some very wide wheels to offer a little extra grip and a healthy amount of poke to the little punchy sedan.

Every time we visit the RTR workshop we are always so blown away by how clean it is!
Upstairs we found a set of Nismo wheels holding this wall up, we wondered if anyone would notice if they went missing…

The immaculate RTR Evo X is another mind blowing experience walking into this workshop hidden away in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, We also crack a massive smile when we spot the GSS stickers on the bumper!!

Hidden in the back we found Trae’s Evo 7, now it seems it wasn’t actually there to go the dyno at all but in fact staying for a sleepover getting some things finished under the hood…

We’re not exactly sure what else could be done to improve this engine bay!!

Our favorite car on the day had to be this immaculate R34 GT-R!!

Bayside Blue and white wheels is a match made in heaven!

Shaun’s Skyline conquered the day with an impressive 292.8kw!!
More than enough for any fun street car.

All in all it was a great day out, very relaxed compared to the chaos of some of the bigger meets of late that have seen plenty of police trouble.
This was a breathe of fresh air and everyone who participated enjoyed testing the performance of their cars in a safe and legal manner and we’re hoping there are many more ‘activity’ based meets in the future as standing around cars in a car park can get stale.
Well done to the organisers and RTR for hosting such good day!
Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.
Photos : Andrew Nguyen | AN Photography 

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