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Hardtuned :: Park Hard, Rev Harder.

The third Hardtuned meet this year, held at the Monash University car park in Melbourne’s east.
It seems the extra travel from the city’s CBD  didn’t effect the turn out or the amount of idiots attending…

For the most part everyone was well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves, recently the meets have been getting cut shorter and shorter thanks to excessive ‘limiter bashing’ and burnouts etc.

So knowing the current trend I hurriedly ran around trying to  get enough photos before the inevitable happened.
This is the R Power Motorsports Skyline, specializing in GT-R’s you can expect some decent figures and reliability from their work.

Among the large Skyline presence there was also a lone R35 hiding in the pack.

This 260Z was attracting a bit of attention from the crowd with some nice over fenders, smoothed rear end, roll cage as well as a carbon wrapped bonnet.
It looked the part and we hope we get to see this in action at hill climb or club meet in the future.

Not something you see every day at all, a VIP styled Honda CRV.
I set up my tripod and while I was taking a picture the car dropped about 3 inches and I saw the driver and passenger smiling away while playing with the airbag suspension.

Gordie’s Fiat 125s had stolen a few hearts with it’s rebuilt BBS wheels showing plenty of dish, there was always a few people stopping and admiring the handy work behind the little blue sedan.

Johnny’s street registered SR swapped Ke70 was sounding very nice with the echo off the roof of the car park.
We first spotted this little Corolla in this exact same car park some 12 months earlier at a random Import night meet.

GSS feature cars, Chris and Nity’s Civic’s are still looking the goods.
Chris’s EP3 has taken on new life with a set of new wheels and carbon bonnet along with a heap of extra parts that have gone on the car recently.
We will see if we can shoot an update over summer for you guys.

Hanging out at the front of the pack was three mark IV Supra’s, I stopped to have a chat with the owners and talk camera’s for a few minutes before I rushed off to get a few more shots before the ‘Easter Nats’ kicked off.

Tucked away behind this R33 was a sticker bombed Yamaha bike, something I haven’t seen before.

GSS sticker spotted on this very shiny Series 1 S14, the carbon bonnet looked very nice under the lights.

GSS regular Michael’s ‘I <3 Grip’ RS Impreza and a few friends parked off together which made for a nice white group shot.

No Photoshop here… Just two bad ass Bayside Blue R34’s.
A perfect match!

There was a few surprises in the mix like this soft top classic Celica, with the right wheels this would be a hit with the ‘stance’ kids.

We also came across this Toyota Hilux with two tone paint and Ford Territory steelies, not a bad look!

2011 WRX hatch with plenty of factory wide body goodness, seriously mean looking front end.

The cherry on top for this months meet was this DMC Delorean, made famous by the Back to the Future movie trilogy.

A very striking car thanks to it’s unique styling and stainless steel panels, with the total number of Deloreans left in the world rumored to be around the 6000 mark.

Watching the movies at a young age it would seem that nearly every kid dreamed of owning one of these… This kid didn’t have to wait long, check out the ‘P’ Plates!!!

As was to be expected, the hero’s were out in force and the whole meet lasted 30-45 mins before everyone was deafened by excessive revving, limiter bashing and even skids as cars mad an exit.
Left behind were some very unhappy car enthusiasts left to deal with the aftermath of police arriving to shut down the meet after complaints from the public.
With things on the downward spiral for the Victorian car scene we plan to run our own smaller, private meets that focus on the things that brings us together.
Stay tuned for more updates on our Facebook page, until then thanks for reading.
– Gwyn.

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