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The-Lowdown Presents :: Showcased

Last weekend New South Wales stepped it’s car game up and smashed the ball right out of the court!
The-Lowdown.com hosted it’s first ever car show, aiming to break the boarders of the online based medium and put on a car show like no other.

The event was named “Showcased” which suited it perfectly with many new builds being displayed and a few cars that have completely reinvented them selves since they last saw the public eye.

Crowds and cars alike traveled near and far, the Queensland contingent of photographers from Streetkarnage and Downshiftaus brought a few exciting cars down with them.

Charlie’s infamous MX5, now track spec with one very aggressive looking wing and certainly one of the most intricate looking exhaust systems we have ever seen!

Sydney’s famous Accord Euro, dropped on a set of very exclusive VIP Modular VX310 wheels with a ‘Dubai Gold Face’ finish, the car is now bagged to prevent ruining the expensive wheels on NSW’s less than fantastic roads.

The Stancework crew and Team Agentz from Melbourne invaded the show and brought with them some of best cars the state has to offer.
No trailer queens here, these cars drove up! :S

Seemingly from pictures sent across the oceans this heavily US inspired EK Civic crossed over through our computer monitors and into real life…
This engine bay was amazing!
K20 swap with shaved and tucked everything. No washer was unturned, binned and replaced!

JDM Yard unveiled their newly finished track spec DC5 Integra with a few years behind the build it was sure not to disappoint!

The Zen Garage boys don’t just sit around and look at cool cars online… They build them too!
Sergio’s S15 is a work of art, with so many nice examples these days it is very hard to stand out. Well done!!

One of the stars of the show was this C10 Skyline, they don’t get much more classic than this!
Manufactured from 1968 to 1972 these things are rare in Japan let alone across the globe in Australia!

With such bold lines it is definitely a thing of beauty, worlds apart in styling from the same era Toyota’s and Honda’s it is a very special car!

But wait, what’s this?!
There was another Hakosuka and a GT-R too!
Hands down the best car show on the calendar!!

From old to new… It’s truly amazing to see the same name continued on 50 years later, now worlds apart with electronic gadgetry and sheer size compared to the old C10.
They both share the same sense of something special, not just metal slapped together the right way in a factory… They have a soul!
Easily one of the only cars from Japan to have this unique quality, there are literally 100’s of cars from this wonderful country that hold a special place in peoples hearts but none have reached as wide an audience as the Nissan Skyline!

Must buy Zen…. T… Shirt…

Rising sun feature painted on the underside of my bonnet… Check!
Rising sun cape… Check! Let’s go party!!

Some people will see this car as pretty pointless and almost a waste, the Evo was designed to be a true champion on all surfaces, a feat of automotive engineering and electronic aids…
Now it’s time for the nerd to scrub up, whack on a leather jacket and pick up some chicks (or at least some car geeks).

NSW’s own Mathew Everingham and his chariot of choice, when he is not shooting cool cars he is driving one!

The show was all done and dusted in just one day, on one rooftop car park by one busy bunch of guys, with some support from sponsors the show was a massive success and hopefully a sign of things to come!
We would like to thank SB Captures for their awesome shots from the event and helping us bring you some of the best cars this country has to offer.
The official winners are as follows ::

    • Japanese Performance: Jason, Entrant 126, Bodyform Nissan S15 Silvia, BPROOF
    • European Class: Aaron Vumbaca, Entrant 184, BMW M3, 00343
    • Perfect Fitment: Chookie, Entrant 108, Built To Order Lexus GS300, BO55GS
    • #1 Car Club: Stanceworks Australia
    • Border Crossers: Street Karnage
    • People’s Choice: Albert Nghiem, Entrant 102, Cars For Hope Honda Integra DC2R, NR11CH
    • Best in Show: Nathan Ross, Entrant 037, TRD JZ80 Supra

Meguiars 3M Winners:

  • Stephen Blake, Entrant 088, Corona
  • Reece, Entrant 080, Agentz Toyota Camry
  • Hendra Parulian, Entrant 027, J Racing Subaru WRX
  • Mohammad DubDub, Entrant 104, JDMYard Honda Civic

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