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ADGP :: Round Two, Day 2.

Well back for another day! “Thank-you baby jesus” I uttered as I approached the entry gates for the sunshine bestowed on us. Already you can probably sympathise with the stupidity in that statement once we all left the track after 4pm with a tan line for life. I decided to kick my morning off in the pits, mainly because it was the least distance to walk (come on who wasn’t hung over?)

Jerome’s S15 had quite a presence.

It’s all business in here, rocking a quick-release and shift light.

Jake ‘Drift Squid’ Jones Onevia looking tough in the pits.

Under the hood of the time Attack S15.

I have a slight infatuation with S15’s!

I’ve never really been a huge fan of aftermarket bonnets, but I do like this, one tough R33.

Always better to stand out, I could spot this a mile away.

I’m sorry, but if you can’t get an erection or lady wood over this, that’s your problem, not the cars.

Hacketts machine, put in a solid effort all weekend!

I had a good chat with Levi Clarke during the lunch break, seriously amazing car!

Wagg’s S15

Another car park treasure, I love the rear diffuser.

Fink’s 2nd beast.

“She’s all good mate”.

A few drivers having a chat before the battles.

Fink passing on some info to Levi.

Yep, I’ve been there before.

Tony giving his media spin.

Squidy’s baby before it hits the track.

From the pits I decided to venture to the other side of the track, and caught a few of the nice rides to grace the show & shine.
The colour on this 32 was gorgeous!

The vertex soarer, I remember photographing this back at stadium drift at Parklands a few years ago. Great to see it’s still in immaculate condition!

Adzy’s Sooby and his Cube in the back-ground. Both made appearances at Jamboree.

A very respectable S14. Seems today ‘less is more’ is here to stay.

The wide S15, seen this around the local circuit, never gets old.

A perfectly presented Evo. Much love.

This sprinter was tucking nicely!

Here are some shots of the drivers heading out.

Now back to the drifting!

Aggy tearing it up.

A well executed tandem entry from Tony.

To wrap up, Track Battle put on a fantastic event with world class drifters & drivers combating the elements of the weather over the course of the 3 days. I’d like to extend a big thanks to Amy Boatwright and Yoshi Abey and the rest of the ADGP Crew for allowing Gripshiftslide to get nice and close to the action over the weekend.
Podium finishes and pics will be up soon.
Thanks for looking.
P.S. Western Australia, you’ve got a great few days of drifting coming your way!

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