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Vic Drift :: April Practice Day

V8 S13 DriftVic Drift

The boys and girls of Vic Drift were at it again last week hosting another practice day, this time at Calder Park.
This had originally been planned as a two day event, but with lower entries than normal there was a push for it to be culled back to only one day much to everyone’s disappointment.

Btu not to worry, as there was still plenty of people willing to get behind the wheel for the one day event and they helped to make the day a huge success and a lot of fun for everyone involved.
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Shockworks Corona :: South of The Boarder


So just picture yourself in the following situation: Your Dad owns and runs one of the most reputable suspension businesses in the country and specialises in making cars corner faster and smoother. How would you rebel against him and the family business?

Well it would seem that the best way would be to purchase a 1985 Toyota Corona and then taking full advantage of your Dad’s knowledge and his generous parts catalogue to slam it to the ground!!

Jokes aside though, Chris (the owner of this fine piece of machinery) actually works along side his Dad, Brett, for Shockworks. They are a local company pushing the boundaries of what shock absorbers can do in terms of both comfort and performance!

This Corona is just a way for Chris to have some fun.


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GSS x Import Monster :: Summerdays and Enginebays

Gripshiftslideimport monster

Just a few days ago with the help of the team at Import Monster here in Melbourne, Gripshiftslide and Co hosted our first event, ever!!

Not really knowing what to expect and also relying on our less than desirable organisational skills, we weren’t holding our breath.

Here is the day through 5 different photographers lenses…
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Classic Japan 2012 :: Bigger, Better, Best!

clubitrintegra type r meet

Classic Japan 2012… What an event!!

This year it was held at Como Park using two full sports ovals, allowing for more than twice the amount of entries than that of last years show. The turnout was absolutely fantastic and the crowd was perfect!!

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WTAC :: Best In Show

The World Time Attack Challenge is one of the largest events of it’s kind and happens to have so much going on it needs several post for us just to give you a glimpse of what you may have missed.

In the skid pan area of Eastern Creek Raceway some of Sydney’s best street cars came out to strut their stuff on the final day of the WTAC.
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WTAC 2012 :: By The Numbers

Sydney Motorsport Park (formerly Eastern Creek Raceway) was once again alive with the sound of rotary, boosted and N/A engines from around Australia and the globe, all battling against the formidable stop watch.

It seems that just like the lap times this year, the last twelve months have gone extremely quickly, since’s humble beginnings in a hotel just five minutes from the track at last years event.

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Toyota :: Stivoness

sportivo docklands shoot

Toyotas! Yes! Finally we have something other than a Honda on the site!
The Corolla Sportivo is one of those cars you don’t necessarily associate with performance. Read more

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Classic Japan :: Best On Show

November saw Melbourne’s 1st annual classic Japanese car show, hosted by the Toyota Car Club
of Australia, Victoria. The event’s proceeds went to BeyondBlue to help fight depression, with 120+ cars on display the show was a massive success!
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