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JDMST EOMM :: Fun With The Lights Off

Melbourne had another record turnout for the April JDMST end of month meet. Everyone who made it out had a great night and the cars were better than ever!

This was the first ever meet held at the Essendon DFO carpark. Aside from the lights being on an auto timer and people getting a bit lost it was a fantastic night out.

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JDMST EOMM :: End Of Summer

Well another JDMST end of month meet done and dusted! Melbourne pulled out all the stops for another impressive turnout.

With over 360 car in attendance that’s a record turnout for the recovering Melbourne car scene, with hoon laws and a defects at an all time high for the garden state. It just goes to show the level of dedication these car nuts have…

Here is Johnny’s tough as nails Corolla still wearing it’s group sticker from the recent Drift Matsuri here in Melbourne.

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