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We dont normally visit karting events, yet we thought it was time to see what all the fuss was about! Round 5, being the last round of the current CIK Karting Championship, meant the pressure was on and all the best drivers had turned up to Port Melbourne to put some final points on the board.

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Castrol Edge CIK :: Stars of Karting – Round 5

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skyline r 32 drift carr33 close up

With the last round of this current championship upon us, it was time for the drivers to get to work. The pits were alive with activity and there were oil and tyre changes going on everywhere you looked!
There were also a few cars that made it to the track but would not start and so of course the drivers’ pit crews were running around everywhere!
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Vic Drift :: Round 3 Road King Chassis Championship

3 car crash calder park driftcalder park, vic drift victoria melbouren drift scene

The second round of the VicDrift Roadking Chassis championship was underway and it was clear that things were going to get pretty serious. Some of the biggest names in VicDrift had arrived to continue their fight for the championship. The small crowd quickly grabbed a seat and settled in for what would be one of the best drift competitions since Formula Drift visited Australia.

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Calder Park :: Roadking Chassis Round 2 VicDrift Championship

Toyota 8686 birthday

A few weeks ago we received an email from Toyota Australia asking us to get in contact with them as soon as possible and of course without hesitation we hit the reply button. Soon we found ourselves on the phone with Blake who was kind enough to offer us one hell of an invitation…

Toyota’s latest sports car was having its’ first birthday and so to mark the occasion, a group of Australian motoring journalists were all invited to revisit what made them all fall in love with the 86 just twelve months ago.
Like any birthday celebration there was plenty of amazing food, tonnes of games and of course family. Tetsuya Tada was flown in from Japan to join in on the festivities. Tada San is arguably the father of this astonishing little sports coupe and it was certainly an amazing opportunity to gain some insight as to what went into creating such a fun car.

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Toyota 86 Birthday Celebration :: Canberra & Sydney

australian drift carsaustralian drift cars

Winter is well and truly amongst us here in Melbourne, while temperatures drop into the single digits and rev heads go into hibernation the boys and girls of Vicdrift came out to play at Calder Park Raceway.

With the Raceway booked for the entire weekend and round two of the Vic Drift x Road King Chassis comp only needing one day, meant a full day of practice for anyone keen to enter.

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Run the Wall :: VicDrift Practice Calder Park

Motor Ex Custom VE UteMotorEx Car Show

It was once again time for Meguire’s MotorEx to hit the streets of Sydney. Now in its’ 13th year, the show is truly bigger than ever and reaching a wider audience.  This is all thanks to a huge display of cars ranging from classics and hot rods, to all out custom cars and even a few Euro/JDM models thrown into the mix.

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MotorEx 2013 :: Bigger, Better, Shinier!

vw beetlenotchback vw

When a bunch of Volkswagen’s get together, you know that a diverse range of people will arrive with them.

The show and swap meet was held this year at the Williamstown Maritime Association just near the main pier of Williamstown. With such a unique location, situated just on the waters edge, this show really made the cars shine. Read more

National VW :: Swap Meet & Show

Hankook Time AttackV Sport Evo X

It seems Australia is fast becoming the time attack capital of the world with so many ground breaking builds, passionate people and of course some truly great businesses supporting the scene.
The most recent race was the second leg of the Hankook Tyre Time Attack series, teams from all over Australia made their way to Wakefield Park Raceway, NSW for two days of flat out, foot to the floor racing against the clock!

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Hankook :: NSW Time Attack 2013

evo 8 mitsubishilotus kit car

Late friday night I came across a photo of a Mitsubishi Evo on a trailer, that car was Victor’s. It was on its way to Haunted Hills, suddenly I realised there was an event being held at my favorite track! Without a thought I canceled my original plans and soon enough I was on my way there. After 2 hours at a constant 5,500 RPMs in my silly Kei car I arrived at the Haunted Hills Race Track. Read more

MMSC :: Haunted Hills Track Day

subaru libertysubaru liberty

True JDM meets are few and far between these days. With a massive JDM meet planned for the end of the year, Street-Vision has decided to test their fan base and organised an unofficial meet.
Held near the end of Lorimer street Port Melbourne, this popular spot offers great parking and little attention from the law, so its win win! Read more

Street Vision :: Unofficial JDM Meet

Vicdrift Round 1Vic Drift

The drift competition season has well and truly kicked off here in Victoria with round one of the VicDrift competition wrapping up just over a week ago at Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway.
The track had been set on fire with non-stop drift action all weekend, starting with a full day of open practice on the Saturday and then the first of the three round competition on the Sunday.

There were plenty of familiar faces and also a whole heap of fresh cars thrown into the mix for Sunday’s competition.

(There’s load of extra pics hidden in this article, simply roll your pointer over a photo and chances are you’ll see another image load up… Magic!)

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Vicdrift x Road King Chassis :: Round 1 2013

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