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Ferrari Racing Days :: Ferraris for Weeks

Sydney Ferrari DayFerrari Racing

From humble beginnings in Modena, Enzo Ferarri had a desire to race cars since the tender age of ten. Many decades have passed since then and the product of ‘il Commandetores’ desires have not only won races like Formula 1, but have also inspired generation after generation of enthusiasts to own a Ferrari one day.
Last weekend Sydney Motorsport Park played host to the first ever Ferrari racing day in Australia. Though the skies were dark and chances of rainfall throughout the entire weekend were high, it didn’t deter true Ferrari enthusiasts away from what was bound to be the biggest gathering of Ferrari’s Australia had ever witnessed. With over $170 million worth of Ferrari’s in attendance, we were sure to be in for a breathtaking experience.

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Top Gear Festival Sydney :: Fuel Injected Fun

Top Gear Festival Red BullTop Gear Drift

Top Gear Festival has been and gone, leaving behind the memories of two action packed days that were filled with bumper to bumper, side splitting fun.
The festival plays out like any episode of BBC’s beloved Top Gear series, informative car reviews, intelligent and in depth opinions on all things automotive and of course relevant real world tests which help consumers make their next four wheeled purchase, armed with all the facts.

At least that’s how the show would be without the three aging, quirky and downright childish presenters we have grown to love over the last twelve years. The Top Gear Festival packs up this 60 minute motoring TV show into a shipping container along with two of the hosts and a man simply known as The Stig and they get sent all over the world where tears of laughter are sure to follow.

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Top Gear :: Ultimate Speed Showdown

Sydney will once again play host to one of the greatest motoring events for fans of all things internal combustion, speed and Jeremy Clarkson. That’s right Top Gear Festival is back for 2014!!
The festival is set to top last year’s excitement 6 times over with their latest challenge dubbed, “6 Degrees of Acceleration”. The Ultimate Speed Showdown will see 6 iconic racing machines from 6 completely different disciplines of motorsport scrambling for 1st place over just 5 laps…

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F1 Melbourne :: Shell x Ferrari Practice Day

Drift MatsuriF1 Ferrari

The F1 Grand Prix is arguably the largest motoring event in the world and I feel ashamed to write that I have never actually sat down and watched an entire race and have never been to the race hosted in my very own city… How can I even call myself an enthusiast?!

Well this all changed for me just over a week ago, whilst I was sitting down in front of my computer (much the same as every other spare minute not spent at my 9-5 or at another car event) I received an email notification and began reading…

“Hi Gwyn

On behalf of Shell Australia we’d like to invite you to spend a day
with the Shell and Ferrari team for the F1 on Friday 15 March.”

I also received the same message on our Facebook page and I knew that this was the real deal!
So at the drop of a hat I arranged time off from work and eagerly sent my reply, which of course was  a “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
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