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National VW :: Swap Meet & Show

vw beetlenotchback vw

When a bunch of Volkswagen’s get together, you know that a diverse range of people will arrive with them.

The show and swap meet was held this year at the Williamstown Maritime Association just near the main pier of Williamstown. With such a unique location, situated just on the waters edge, this show really made the cars shine. Read more

HWY Oakleigh :: HighWay Masters

skyline r34skyline r34 front

So what is HWY? it is a car and bike enthusiast club that is rapidly growing in size! Since november 2012 the group known as HWY has been creating a new type of car meet scene. One that does not discriminate on car or bike type and the best thing it’s open to all! The major difference with this car club is that it’s a Charity organisation.
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Hanging Rock :: Classic Spectacular

Its that time of year again, the hanging rock classic car show has one of the biggest car shows of the year, the amount of cars on display is incredible.

knowing that so many cars would be attending i decided to arrive at hanging rock early, even before i got there a mini car show of its own had sprung up, the main BP truck stop before hanging rock was absolutely full of car clubs pre-meeting before the event. Read more

Classic Japan 2012 :: Bigger, Better, Best!

clubitrintegra type r meet

Classic Japan 2012… What an event!!

This year it was held at Como Park using two full sports ovals, allowing for more than twice the amount of entries than that of last years show. The turnout was absolutely fantastic and the crowd was perfect!!

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Motorclassica 2012 :: Where Super Rare Cars Come To Play

land speed 1978 australialand speed 1978 australia

Yes it’s that time of year again, Motorclassica is back and bigger than ever! My plan was to get in early and avoid the crowd! but the crowd beat me.

The first thing to WOW me was this Australian built land speed jet car from the seventys, unfortunately it was never run to its full potential because of flooding on the salt lake but it still holds unofficial high speed records within Australia.

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OTR Motorsport :: JDMST Meet Vs. Toyota MX73 Twins


It seems the shaky Melbourne car scene is on the mend after a successful and relaxed JDMST end of month meet last weekend, held at the On The Run Motorsport workshop in Melbourne’s south east.

With the day kicking of bright and early at 9am and continuing until the early afternoon cars came and went all day long, with around 50+ cars mixing it up over the duration of the day.

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Shockworks : BBQ

ae8686 toyota

Recently local suspension experts Shockworks Australia put on a feast in the hills for customers and friends to have a friendly chat and show of their handy work, they also brought along a few demo cars to see how their products stack up against the competition.

When free food is on offer and a few rides are up for grabs its hard to resist! So the whole GSS crew trekked up to the hills to check out the view and fine cars on show.

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WTAC :: Best In Show

The World Time Attack Challenge is one of the largest events of it’s kind and happens to have so much going on it needs several post for us just to give you a glimpse of what you may have missed.

In the skid pan area of Eastern Creek Raceway some of Sydney’s best street cars came out to strut their stuff on the final day of the WTAC.
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Fed Square :: BMW Showcase

bmw fed squarebmw fed square

BMW Car Club of Victoria end of the month car club showcase at Federation square, with not only old BMW’s but new and well modified ones as well.
The city is the perfect backdrop for this type of event and always a great spectacle for passer by.

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TYP901 :: FedSquare Porsche Display

911 melbourne federation square display

The 911 is one of the most iconic cars going around and on this cold day in Melbourne, about 25 nicely preserved 911’s turned up for a display that was 3 years in the making, because when you book a spot at Federation Square, be prepared to wait up to 3 years for it!

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Hanging By The Rock :: The Japanese Contingent

Waking up at 6am was not what I signed up for on a Sunday morning…

Arriving at Hanging Rock at 9am, it was all starting to come together though.

With well and truly over 1000 cars on display it has to be one of the biggest events on the Australian automotive calendar, I must have been living under a rock all these years to have not known about this (no pun intended!).

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Grip Shift Slide :: 155 Days In 30 Pics.

In less than just 48 hours 2011 will be over, bringing with it a whole new year of race days and feature cars that will be gracing these pages for your viewing pleasure.

In just five short months we have grown from the very humble idea between Grant and I in our seedy motel room in the suburbs of Sydney last August, to seemingly overnight having a blog covering local events and cars with over 1100 followers on Facebook and 1000’s of visitors each week. Read more

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