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From The Vault :: 86 Mega Meet

Matt Russell AE8686 Club

Here at GSS we attend A LOT of events around our full time jobs and sometimes life can get in the way for our two man team.  So we will be bringing you a series of posts titled “From The Vault”.  Each post will be an event or feature we’ve been meaning to post up but just never found the time.

Our first entry in the series, is from the very first Mega Meet of the  86 Club of Australia.  It was held at Sandown Raceway Melbourne late last year.  Coincidence has it, this week we’ll be celebrating the 86’s second birthday with Toyota Australia and the #festival of 86, keep your eyes peeled for that later this week…

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Melbourne Car Meets :: Bundoora

s13 low as fucks13 low

A new group is on the scene “(MCM) Melbourne Car Meets” Not knowing anything about them I decided to go and check out one of their local events. It was held at Bundoora Park; a place where many hot rod shows and fundraisers are also held. With a wide open grass area and plenty of room to park cars this is one seriously good trouble free spot. Read more

StreetVision :: Big Ambitions

s2k drift on streetr34 blue paul walker skyline

Street Vision’s Biggest JDM meet was planned well in advance. The group has been steadily building its fan base over the last six months and it was time to get the fans out and about. I arrived at Port Melbourne to find this amazing R34 GTR just siting in the shade among a variety of cars.

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Street Vision :: Unofficial JDM Meet

subaru libertysubaru liberty

True JDM meets are few and far between these days. With a massive JDM meet planned for the end of the year, Street-Vision has decided to test their fan base and organised an unofficial meet.
Held near the end of Lorimer street Port Melbourne, this popular spot offers great parking and little attention from the law, so its win win! Read more

All Stars Melbourne :: Gripshiftslide Meet

100MM Car ShowStance Car Show

Just over two weeks ago we received a phone call from the Sydney All Stars crew saying they would be coming to Melbourne and we should host a big meet up!
With the excitement of co-hosting a big meet with our pals from over the border, we got busy making calls and had a location booked with just a week until the date when of course –  disaster struck!

Our first venue had double booked us so and we needed to either cancel altogether or relocate! So it was back to the phone to find an alternative, that was when we called up the ever faithful Caribbean Market in Melbourne’s east. After our last very successful event there, they were more than happy to have us back with just a weeks notice!!
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HWY Oakleigh :: HighWay Masters

skyline r34skyline r34 front

So what is HWY? it is a car and bike enthusiast club that is rapidly growing in size! Since november 2012 the group known as HWY has been creating a new type of car meet scene. One that does not discriminate on car or bike type and the best thing it’s open to all! The major difference with this car club is that it’s a Charity organisation.
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S13 Day Melbourne :: 1-3-13

The LowdownThe Lowdown

Last Friday was a special date on the 2013 calender, it was dubbed “S13 Day” 1/3/2013. Local Nissan enthusiast and all round top bloke Niel Gray from Primal Garage eagerly set about organising a meet for Melbourne S13 owners to come together to celebrate the humble 25 year old chassis.

With a strict S13/180SX invitation only, I opted to go as a passenger in a friends Type X 180SX. This meant I could try my hand at a few rolling shots between the eastern suburbs pre-meet and the final destination, at the Essendon DFO Shopping Center.

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The Lowdown :: Last Minute Meet

The LowdownThe Lowdown

The boys behind The and Sydney’s uber successful car show ‘Showcased‘ decided to go from one extreme to another.

They’ve gone from organising one of the most hyped and planned events on the calendar to one of the most casual street car meets in recent history.

Their previous work with the Showcased car show saw a multi level car park in Sydney’s CBD get closed off and then filled with the best cars from all over. With months and months of planning in the lead up to the big day and then with less than 48 hours notice, the team decided to get everyone together and opted for something a bit more ‘low’ key.
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Downshift 2012 :: End Of Year Meet

Well it was the end of the working year for the lucky-some (my self included) and I was coaxed into attending only my second Downshift meet for the year, I think even the first one I didn’t even take my own car to. But none the less, it’s quite stunning to see the exponential growth of this event. You see threads and photo’s scattered over the forums post-event, but it’s just not the same, you have to be here to really appreciate how far this has come.

Myself and a few friends arrived relatively early, which is quite rare, but since I haven’t used my a camera since my last post on GSS back in 2011 I really did require a bit of warm-up work. So I started the day down from the main entry gate, turned out to be quite a nice spot!
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JDMST :: End of Year 2012


Last Sunday marked the end of year for the JDM Style Tuning Melbourne family and after such an up and down year for these meets, organisers were unsure how another large meet near the city would go.

Thankfully everyone was well behaved and the day was a smashing success!

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GSS x Import Monster :: Summerdays and Enginebays

Gripshiftslideimport monster

Just a few days ago with the help of the team at Import Monster here in Melbourne, Gripshiftslide and Co hosted our first event, ever!!

Not really knowing what to expect and also relying on our less than desirable organisational skills, we weren’t holding our breath.

Here is the day through 5 different photographers lenses…
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ClubITR :: End Of Year BBQ

clubitrintegra type r meet

Sydney’s Honda enthusiasts came together to celebrate ClubITR‘s 6th year online, the popular forum is home to 5,000 members and is continuing to grow thanks to the passion and dedication of it’s admin team and members…

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