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StreetVision :: Big Ambitions

s2k drift on streetr34 blue paul walker skyline

Street Vision’s Biggest JDM meet was planned well in advance. The group has been steadily building its fan base over the last six months and it was time to get the fans out and about. I arrived at Port Melbourne to find this amazing R34 GTR just siting in the shade among a variety of cars.

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BMW E30 RB30 :: Drift Frankenstein

E30 BMW DriftE30 RB30

One of the first items on my bucket list is a simple one, own an E46 M3 BMW.
Even after all these years, that lovely looking, highly enhanced body looks fantastic from all angles.
The bolstered chunky arches hinting at the performance hidden beneath the bulging bonnet and the four exhausts tips menacingly poking out from under the rear bar…

Oh sorry, I seem to have gotten a bit carried away there….

Before my love affair with the modern E46 BMW, I had a brief fling with the now classic 318i E30.
Granted it wasn’t a manual (although it was a convertible) the car felt correct. It felt taught, well constructed and just made me feel happy in general.
As I have grown older, cars have come and gone from my life but the little E30 has always held a special place in my heart.

So when the team from GSS contacted me with a bunch of photos and I just had to be involved and this is where Denis and his more than standard E3o BMW come in.

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Fed Square :: BMW Showcase

bmw fed squarebmw fed square

BMW Car Club of Victoria end of the month car club showcase at Federation square, with not only old BMW’s but new and well modified ones as well.
The city is the perfect backdrop for this type of event and always a great spectacle for passer by.

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