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CRX Australia :: Satay & Cars Melbourne Style

CRX Australia MelbourneCRX SiR EF8

If you’re into modified cars and you know your way around the internet then you’re probably familiar with the term “Cars & Coffee”, These social car meet ups usually take place frightfully early on a weekend and the idea of a hot coffee is used to lure tired souls out into the cold morning air to talk about all things cars… This is Melbourne so things are a little different, the usual club meets and greats take place around some delicious piping hot food and carry on late into the night.

CRX Australia was due for a reboot after some months of hibernation so the always popular and recently re-opened Garage Cafe was the venue of choice, Honda’s, Targa tops, Wedge backs and Satay was on tonight’s menu.

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Thai Fighter :: Carbon Clad 86

Carbon 86Toyota 86

In our modern ‘connected’ world, we are spoiled with a constant flow of information and entertainment at our fingertips. and the ability to interact with friends both near and far. What was once a great distance, is now just a stone throw away.
Here at Gripshiftslide the team is over the moon to share with you our very first international feature car!! Thanks to the power of the internet, we have crossed nearly 6,000 kilometers and landed in Thailand, This is where we meet a young man named Som and one of the most aggressively styled and street driven Toyota 86′s getting around.

These Toyota’s have been selling like hot cakes since 2011. Many have been left untouched, while others have had complete transformations. We don’t know of any other car that has had so many examples that have gone ‘under the knife’ hot off the dealership floor.

So what has changed for Toyota and what has the 86 done to inject that little bit of excitement back into driving a car?
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Ferrari Racing Days :: Ferraris for Weeks

Sydney Ferrari DayFerrari Racing

From humble beginnings in Modena, Enzo Ferarri had a desire to race cars since the tender age of ten. Many decades have passed since then and the product of ‘il Commandetores’ desires have not only won races like Formula 1, but have also inspired generation after generation of enthusiasts to own a Ferrari one day.
Last weekend Sydney Motorsport Park played host to the first ever Ferrari racing day in Australia. Though the skies were dark and chances of rainfall throughout the entire weekend were high, it didn’t deter true Ferrari enthusiasts away from what was bound to be the biggest gathering of Ferrari’s Australia had ever witnessed. With over $170 million worth of Ferrari’s in attendance, we were sure to be in for a breathtaking experience.

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Top Gear Festival Sydney :: Fuel Injected Fun

Top Gear Festival Red BullTop Gear Drift

Top Gear Festival has been and gone, leaving behind the memories of two action packed days that were filled with bumper to bumper, side splitting fun.
The festival plays out like any episode of BBC’s beloved Top Gear series, informative car reviews, intelligent and in depth opinions on all things automotive and of course relevant real world tests which help consumers make their next four wheeled purchase, armed with all the facts.

At least that’s how the show would be without the three aging, quirky and downright childish presenters we have grown to love over the last twelve years. The Top Gear Festival packs up this 60 minute motoring TV show into a shipping container along with two of the hosts and a man simply known as The Stig and they get sent all over the world where tears of laughter are sure to follow.

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Top Gear :: Ultimate Speed Showdown

Sydney will once again play host to one of the greatest motoring events for fans of all things internal combustion, speed and Jeremy Clarkson. That’s right Top Gear Festival is back for 2014!!
The festival is set to top last year’s excitement 6 times over with their latest challenge dubbed, “6 Degrees of Acceleration”. The Ultimate Speed Showdown will see 6 iconic racing machines from 6 completely different disciplines of motorsport scrambling for 1st place over just 5 laps…

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ADGP Round 3 :: Sydney Motorsport Park

Andy Gray ChaserADGP

Round three of the Australian Drift Grand Prix was set to be a very interesting round in the series after a not so predictable 2nd round in Western Australia.
The last round saw some fresh names on the podium at the end of the day, Matt Harvey took 1st, Victoria’s own Matt Russel taking 2nd and Dale Campaign scored 3rd.

So coming into the third round the championship points weren’t in anyone’s favor so all the drivers were going to be pushing their cars and their abilities to the absolute limit!!

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Just Car Insurance :: Reel Deal Competition

Just Car Insurance, have just launched a competition where you could win $10,000 in cash!

You’ll need to grab a video camera or even just your phone and make a short film that impresses owners of modified, high performance and imported cars. Your commercial only needs to be up to 60 seconds in length, but you’ll need to enter before the end of January 2014 for your chance to win.

This is the perfect competition for all aspiring film makers and videographers. The winning film will be judged by a panel from Just Car Insurance, Film Director Michael Pattinson and Marty and MOOG of Mighty Car Mods.

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Shell V Power :: Ferrari Press Day

FerrariFerrari 458

A couple of weeks ago it seemed like just another slow day at the office until we received a phone call from our friends at Shell Australia. Last time we got one of these calls, we were invited to check out Shell’s role with the Ferrari Formula 1 team at the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Our quick phone conversation became a blur and I had to wait for an email to hit our inbox before it really sank in… “Hi guys we’re releasing a new formula of the V Power fuel and would like you to come to Sydney and experience it first hand behind the wheel of a Ferrari on the coast of NSW!”

Needless to say, we said yes without even having to think about it and jumped on a plane to Sydney!

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Toyota 86 Birthday Celebration :: Canberra & Sydney

Toyota 8686 birthday

A few weeks ago we received an email from Toyota Australia asking us to get in contact with them as soon as possible and of course without hesitation we hit the reply button. Soon we found ourselves on the phone with Blake who was kind enough to offer us one hell of an invitation…

Toyota’s latest sports car was having its’ first birthday and so to mark the occasion, a group of Australian motoring journalists were all invited to revisit what made them all fall in love with the 86 just twelve months ago.
Like any birthday celebration there was plenty of amazing food, tonnes of games and of course family. Tetsuya Tada was flown in from Japan to join in on the festivities. Tada San is arguably the father of this astonishing little sports coupe and it was certainly an amazing opportunity to gain some insight as to what went into creating such a fun car.

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MotorEx 2013 :: Bigger, Better, Shinier!

Motor Ex Custom VE UteMotorEx Car Show

It was once again time for Meguire’s MotorEx to hit the streets of Sydney. Now in its’ 13th year, the show is truly bigger than ever and reaching a wider audience.  This is all thanks to a huge display of cars ranging from classics and hot rods, to all out custom cars and even a few Euro/JDM models thrown into the mix.

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Hankook :: NSW Time Attack 2013

Hankook Time AttackV Sport Evo X

It seems Australia is fast becoming the time attack capital of the world with so many ground breaking builds, passionate people and of course some truly great businesses supporting the scene.
The most recent race was the second leg of the Hankook Tyre Time Attack series, teams from all over Australia made their way to Wakefield Park Raceway, NSW for two days of flat out, foot to the floor racing against the clock!

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Vicdrift x Road King Chassis :: Round 1 2013

Vicdrift Round 1Vic Drift

The drift competition season has well and truly kicked off here in Victoria with round one of the VicDrift competition wrapping up just over a week ago at Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway.
The track had been set on fire with non-stop drift action all weekend, starting with a full day of open practice on the Saturday and then the first of the three round competition on the Sunday.

There were plenty of familiar faces and also a whole heap of fresh cars thrown into the mix for Sunday’s competition.

(There’s load of extra pics hidden in this article, simply roll your pointer over a photo and chances are you’ll see another image load up… Magic!)

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All Stars Melbourne :: Gripshiftslide Meet

100MM Car ShowStance Car Show

Just over two weeks ago we received a phone call from the Sydney All Stars crew saying they would be coming to Melbourne and we should host a big meet up!
With the excitement of co-hosting a big meet with our pals from over the border, we got busy making calls and had a location booked with just a week until the date when of course -  disaster struck!

Our first venue had double booked us so and we needed to either cancel altogether or relocate! So it was back to the phone to find an alternative, that was when we called up the ever faithful Caribbean Market in Melbourne’s east. After our last very successful event there, they were more than happy to have us back with just a weeks notice!!
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All Stars x Zen Garage :: Stance Off 2013

LamboStance Off

Last month the GSS crew headed north to the much sunnier Sydney to enjoy the finer things in life, cars, girls and food. Sydney based crew All Stars had put on another killer show, this time with support from Zen Garage and the giant from the US… Stance Nation!

Situated at Silverwater Park next to the picturesque river, the atmosphere on the day was great but bringing our stall up from Melbourne and getting there was another story!

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