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Engineered To Slide :: Don’t Call It A Comeback

nigel petrie red 180sx

It seems like a life time ago when I last saw Nigel Petrie drift. Yet out of the blue he turns up to support Drift Cadet at the Melbourne Motor-Ex drift demos. Did Nigel suddenly have a drift relapse? put the motor bikes away and uncover the cars from the shed?

nigel petrie drift hilux

If you didn’t already know Engineered To Slide is the brain child of Nigel Petrie, A garage where wild things are created by hand! Famous for the Hilux drift ute that took the world by storm around 2012.

nigel petrie 180sx drift car

The tube frame drift Hilux broke the internet way before facebook funneled the internet into a predictive advertising portal.
A time when planking was cool and the Australian dollar was nearly on par with he american dollar.

nigel petrie drift 180sx nissan

We were glad to see Nigel Petrie behind the wheel again with two of his most iconic cars, the Drift Hilux and his red 180sx.

nigel petrie helmet for drift

The main car he drifted for the Meguiars Motor Ex Drift demos was the 180sx which performed flawlessly all day!
Nigel is a huge fan of the KISS principal and for the reason the 180sx has stayed relatively unchanged in the last ten years.

nigel petrie drift 180sx nissan

As a testament to Nigels workmanship this car has being running strong all that time while still running the very same engine and gearbox installed all those years ago.
Athough the car everyone was wanting to see was the Hilux, me included!

nigel petrie drift 180sx nissan

It’s amazing that Nigel has not been behind the wheel of his 180sx for 2 years, within 2 laps it all came back to him and he put on a flawless display for the entire 2 days of the drift demos.

nigel petrie facer

Engineered to slide has been concentrating on motorbike build’s in the last 3 to 4 years but it’s great too see that Nigel has not lost sight of his motorsport roots.

nigel petrie hilux drift ute

Even know I did not get to witness the Hilux drifting in person here is a quick video of what the lucky crowd was able to see at MotorEx.

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