Spotlight :: Honda Shuttle

During our last trip to Japan we made sure to head back out to the infamous Daikoku Futo Parking Area in Yokohama bay. The tiny man made island plays host to impromptu car meets most nights of the week with all sorts of cars showing up into the late hours. Walking the rows of cars we stumbled upon this quirky Honda Civic Wagon.

When it comes to Civic Wagons we are no strangers having one of the 4WD versions of these in our garage back home. This one here is the ‘economy special’ model known as the Shuttle Pro.

This was the cheapest of cheap in the wagon range, Offered with FWD only and next to no creature comforts. Even the roof rails, rear wiper and side moldings are missing. The only additions here from factory are coilover suspension and some very ‘interesting’ looking wheels. (Can anyone ID these wheels?)

Speaking with the owner, we exchanged photos of our wagons and began looking all over the oddball Honda. One thing we couldn’t believe was how immaculate everything was. The pride a lot of Japanese owners have even here with this nearly 30 year old base model Civic is extraordinary.

Inside is much the same as the exterior, things have been left relatively untouched with the only addition being this wood grain Nardi steering wheel.

No matter how you look at it the side profile of these is just plain weird, looking like a skewed hatchback with a scientifically higher roof line over the standard Civic hatch/sedan models.

We caught quite a few people needing to second take the little wagon. It’s great to see they are just as much as an oddity here in Japan as back home in Australia

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