JDM car meet docklands melbourne

JDM :: Docklands Meet

On a stormy night at the foot of the Bolte bridge a small gathering of JDM cars were preparing to come together for a car meet and mini photoshoot. I decided to tag along to see what these JDM enthusiasts were up to.

The first car I saw as I arrived was this chunky KE70 sitting on a nice set of Superlight’s with just the right amount of offset. This had me excited for what I might see next!

This tastefully modified GC8 WRX caught my eye with its clean paint work and classic wheels. It soon became apparent that this JDM meet had a strong Subaru presence.

The Subaru Forester seemed to be the most popular vehicle of choice, being as they are almost inconspicuous to the highway patrol. Apart from when you have the mighty rising sun painted on your intercooler.

A popular engine swap for the older Foresters is the EJ205/EJ207 from the WRX, this type of thing would definitely make a great sleeper.

There is always a sneaky euro at a JDM meet and this time it was a rather sleek BMW Z4.

The owner of this E85 BMW Z4 M coupe made sure to park away from the main action so he could make a quick exit encase the boys in blue arrived.

Siting on a nice set of XXR 521 wheels this turbo second generation Subaru Forester looked just right and not overdone.

It wasn’t all Forester’s there were even some Nissan’s in the mix, this 180sx had a louvered/vented hood giving it a seriously aggressive look.

A nicely modified mix of both 86 and BRZ were competing for the best spots under the bridge. Even a recent recall on the 86/brz power steering rack didn’t stop these guys from attending.

Although there were many Subaru Foresters in attendance this is the one that really stood out among the others with its clean black look and huge STI wheels.

Considering how cold and crazy windy it was, to see so many cars attending this car meet for the JDM store was great to see. It was so windy that with every large gust of wind I had to hold down my camera on the tripod to stop it tipping over! The JDM store looks like it may host more car meets soon and we can’t wait to see them gather more momentum in the scene.

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