5 you tube channels not to miss

5 youtube channels you should not forget

1. The Smoking Tire Some of America’s wildest street cars driven reviewed and hosted by Matt Farah. Matt’s no bullshit approach to the cars he drives is very real and not scripted, these videos do not leave a sour taste in your mouth they make you want to run out and take a blast through the hills.

2. Petrolicious is a classic car enthusiasts wet dream! filled with amazing cars from all over the world! Their videos are short and sweet! they pack punch while making classic cars exciting.

3. Wasabi Cars One Aussie guy living in japan documenting the strange and weird cars that are scattered all over japan. Sometimes he finds cool cars that have been left for dead other times he finds rare race cars and stanced japanese street cars. His unique opinions on each car are classically australian and his videos are worth the watch! you will be surprized what he has found in japan.

4. Luke Huxham The very talented man behind a lot of the car world’s viral videos, he is a master at producing intelligent, inspiring videos that look like they have had a “ken block” budget but are really made with a small crew and a low budget.

5. noriyaro2 You may not know that the man behind the Noriyaro.com website also does videos! He lives and breathes drift! He has a great set of raw videos shot at ebisu and all around japan!