r32 gtr car meet melbourne

MCM mini meet #25 :: Docklands Undercover

It’s been a while since we have attended such a big car meet! Held in docklands Victoria, in a spot where only three years ago the police blocked off the road, car park and all exits to create a massive defect station. Thankfully that did not happen this time around.

It wasn’t only humans in attendance! there were at least five k9’s that we know of including this husky! I arrived early to beat the traffic not knowing exactly how big this meet was going to get.

At first it was raining lightly and I thought this may stop many from bringing out their pride and joy. Regardless the cars started to stream in like its was boxing day sales.

Most creative exhaust award goes to this little Nissan micra! unfortunately it didn’t sound like star’s not that I know what stars sound like!

This has to be one of the best combo’s I have seen on this model of Celica ..period. The wheels work well and the ride height is spot on!

A lot of attendees drove straight past the meet point opting to park outside the area just in case the boys in blue turned up. Luckily there was no trouble and everyone behaved themselves.

Amongst the sea of cars many were showing of their ability to ride static at dangerously low heights, the others that were riding on air came in low and scraping.

Suddenly a wild DeLorean appeared! iconic film cars are in hot demand right now but the DeLorean is one car that will never loose its luster.

These are no angel eyes, they are straight up devil eyes! happily sitting upon an aggressive set of Work Meisters.

An odd couple I found posing together was this WRX and its brother from another mother. Every so often I came across some cars posing in the spot light, waiting for admires.

With so many quality cars it was hard to know what to take a closer look at. Yet when this BMW rolled in everyone took notice! heads snapped so quick it was like a thunder clap.

There were so many nice cars on show that some super clean cars got ignored. I caught a few hiding between cars and people.

Look closely and you will see some interesting features on this R34. Custom LEDS built into the front bar, mirror and shaved lines combined to make this R34 one of a kind.

Vinyl warp is taking centre stage lately, this 86 was no exception. The brightness of this blue almost paralysed a few people! The way this vinyl refracted light was very impressive! to say the least.

I was very surprised to come across such a well modified WRX. With a serious hint of stance and nothing but quality parts decorating this sexy Subaru. It was hard to not be entranced by its beauty.

Tucked, sitting only millimetres off the ground. Dressed in white with a few hints of red and gold this show stopper continued to stun onlookers for hours.

The king of the streets! the mighty Nissan GTR. This car meet had more variety than a two dollar shop. With super-cars, classic cars, track cars and daily drivers what more could you ask for.

Not all the cars where lowered / modified. Some classic cars had entered under the radar. This VW beetle was super straight and in perfect original condition.

A throwback to late eighties touring car livery’s, this E30 was looking the part and turning some heads.

Another car that pulled a crowd was this super sexy RX7. As soon as it arrived people were climbing over each other to take a closer look.

Packed and ready to go? or just trying too look part of the scene? Regardless its an interesting approach to a style that has been creeping its way into the Melbourne euro groups lately.

With 4 levels full of cars there was a hell of a line to exit the car park. Only a consistent trail of brake lights could be seen for at least 30 thirty minutes while the crowd of cars left the huge car park. The Melbourne car meet group continues to build momentum whilst not compromising on quality. We hope this trend continues, it almost seems as thou MCM is a breeding ground for 100MM entrants and that’s ok in our book!