MR35 :: Twin Turbo Gentleman

GTR Revosport
Ladies and gentlemen… Introducing Mr.35! He’s one mighty fine Nissan GTR from Melbourne.

Owner Charles has added some very subtle additions to the look of the car without messing up the original look, all the while making sure he stands out from the crowd.

This car is Charles’ second foray into the modified car scene.  He started out with a bright orange Honda Civic coupe back in the old Autosalon car show days, but after a short break he came back bigger and stronger…

Charles’ right foot went from pushing a pedal and waiting a short eternity for petrol and air to mix, to create about 106db or 120kw (However you measure a Honda’s power) to Nissan’s fire breathing twin turbo V6 that seemingly bends the laws of physics with every press of the accelerator.

Funnily enough it wasn’t the power/performance that attracted Charles to the mighty GTR. As he recalls he was initially drawn to the look of the car and it is not hard to see why with the muscular arches and sharp lines flowing from front to back – each serving a specific purpose… Grip! This car was designed from every angle to maximize down force. Nissan left no stone unturned when designing the long awaited successor to the infamous R34 GTR.

When it came to wheels, Charles had made his mind up on a set of Advan GT Premium’s and widened the footprint of the car by an extra few inches in the process. The front measuring up at 20 x 10.5″ while the rear sits on an impressive 20 x 12″.

Running a wheel this wide has proven to be an issue when needing a quick tyre change. Interestingly, one of the only cars that run this size is actually a Lamborghini Aventador! Charles’ rubber of choice is Michelin Pilot Super Sports.
Incidentally he got a flat tyre a few days before the shoot and had a pair of stock Aventador tyres fitted to the rear, these have a chunky/bigger sidewall so he wasn’t too happy about it. Having happened a few times, Charles has found it is best to keep a complete set of spare tyres at home.

Some wheels make or break a car and we have to admit while they are not our first choice, these certainly look the part and don’t take away from the performance look of the car at all. After looking at these photos for hours on end, we can confirm these wheels have now been bumped right to the top of our list of wheels we’d have on a GTR if we could be so lucky.


Poking out through the rear diffuser are the burnt tips of the exhaust, hinting that this car has a bit more going on than just clean paint. All the pipes that help the hefty GTR exhale are 90 spec titanium from Amuse with an AMS de-catted dump pipe to keep everything flowing when push comes to shove, or just when the lights go green.

Inside the car things are as you would find them fresh out of the dealership, minus the Cobb V3 access port hand controller and Mines leather steering wheel, there really isn’t much that can be improved on here.  Nissan have done an outstanding job creating this space. It is comfortable without putting you to sleep, and is a perfect blend between form and function that would suit almost anyone looking for a sports car you can live with everyday. Just don’t have more than one friend. The back ‘seat’ is best reserved for those of us who are vertically challenged or missing a few limbs. 

The premium red/black seats are surprisingly comfy and even have a heater element inside for those cold mornings. It is a bit like strapping a back massager to the end of a bungee cord! How warm someones buttocks are surely is not exactly very high on their list of priorities in a car like this.

The illusive little red ‘start’ button, it’s almost a shame it only turns the car on… It looks like fun to press!!

Like any premium performance car out of Japan in the last decade, you’ll find electronic controls that can change exactly how the car behaves at the flick of a switch. The three centre switches change the 4WD system, suspension and traction control. Now the GTR isn’t just any old premium performance car is it?..

Atop the centre console, you’ll find Nissan’s latest incarnation of the multifunction display that was first found in the R34 GTR Skyline. Here you’ll find a multitude of live stats ranging from various temps, to steering angle and g-force! If you think that all seems like something from a Playstation game, you’d be right! Kazunori Yamachi of Polyphony Digital fame (Gran Tourismo game series) was enlisted to help Nissan design the GUI as they wanted it to be as easy as possible to access.

Having done the bold look with his previous car, Charles concentrated only on enhancing what was already there. Some of the first things added to the car were from the Revosport catalogue.
First in was the carbon fibre boot lid and dry carbon front lip and diffuser.

The Revosport boot lid really changes up the rear end dramatically, the hard lines of the factory spoiler are all but gone and instead this smooth flowing replacement looks like the air just slides away like water off a ducks back.

To tie in the rear of the car, Charles picked up a Top racing dry carbon rear diffuser with mesh delete, this was only fitted a few weeks before the shoot.

Take a step back and admire the simple little touches that all come together to make this such an exciting looking car.

The GTR wears its’ badge of honor everywhere you look.

Brakes to match the brawn.

Another hidden gem thanks to Revosport, these little carbon air ducts direct cold air directly into the vented brake discs… Now that’s cool! (sorry).

After his time with the car Charles says he cannot go back to a naturally aspirated car again, turbo for life he says with a grin.

We’re not really sure what Charles could ‘upgrade’ to after he’s done with the GTR… Nothing else comes close to matching the GTR’s performance in the sub $200k price bracket.

The sign of a spotlessly maintained car that is actually driven? A worn out keyring of course!!

If you aren’t green with envy already, wait until you find out how Charles affords to put petrol in every week… He owns and runs his own Mexican restaurant!! Now throw in a house on an island and that’s pretty much the best life we could hope for.
Charles’ next project on the GTR will be an e85 fuel conversion, the parts are starting to pile up and we cannot wait to see the results.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this feature and we would like to thank Charles for sharing both his car and time with us.

Thanks for reading,
– Gwyn.