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Melbourne Car Meets :: Mini meet #8 Docklands

It’s a Wednesday night and there are two large car meets on. A decision had to be made. The choice was between a relativity new car groups meet or attend the car meet that is further away yet is older with a slightly larger following.

I knew making the decision to attend the Melbourne car meets : mini meet #8 was the right choice. Having been to a few of their events I knew there would be a decent sized crowd.

When it’s dark and raining nobody feels like leaving their house. To my surprise many people had made the effort to drive to Docklands to meet with some of Melbourne’s finest modified cars.

Like the crocodile, pop up headlights are a relic from the past. They are sharp, pointy and look freaking awesome but because of pedestrian protection laws this style of headlamp was taken from us. This makes me sad though we are lucky enough to still catch a glimpse of the humble pop up on our roads today.

A touch of Japan! No this is not a factory option. The owner must really love the JDM scene to do this to his engine bay.

Such a sweet combo! Love the straight pipes and wheel choice. This Corolla was one of the stand out cars for me as there are not many quality modified late model Corollas kicking around Melbourne.

The legendary s2k is truly one of the best NA RWD roadsters period. I cannot believe how affordable they have become recently. With so many young drivers buying these it’s hard to believe that this car was a $70k+ car.

Between the cars you could see groups of people converging through the underground car park. More and more cars started to arrive and soon the whole level was nearly entirely full of modified cars.

The new cars entering the level had to negate the crowds and this made finding a park even more difficult. Some people choose to turn up toward the end of the meet and missed some of the best cars.

Simplicity is often the key and this 86 is the perfect display of style over money. A huge height drop and subtle mods are all that are needed. With so many Toyota 86s on the roads keeping it clean is a better choice than cheap, oversized Commodore style wheels.

Mitsubishi Evo owners are known for being obsessive and meticulous, this example is no different. With a nice set of carbon add ons and many other mods this Mitsubishi is more than meets the eye.

Although the organisers of the meet had asked people not to pump their stereos and rev their engines it’s hard to stop such a thing when there is a big crowd. It adds to the atmosphere but it can also attract unwanted attention. It’s great to see the organisers are aware of this happening and took the preventative step of having a meet in the controlled environment.

I had spotted this little Charade a few weeks ago while I was driving. It was great to finally see it up close. The diversity of cars at this meet is a true testament to the modified community.

Fitment is a big issue in the scene. It’s hard to make it practical while also being functional. Suspension travel can be a real bitch! It’s hard to reach a happy medium with enough travel that your tires don’t get cut up and your spine is not shattering.

The CSL boot lid really makes this BMW stand out. It helps extend the curve of the car and gives it a slight racy feel.

One easy way of identifying the high class modified cars was the 100mm sticker. It is such a simple sticker that symbolises what the owner is inspired by and participates within.

It’s a shock to see a CRX without a bodykit! Keeping one of these standard is hard because there is just so much aftermarket Honda goodies on the market.

The amount of up and coming car groups in Melbourne is growing and over the years we have seen many groups fail and prosper. The one aspect that keeps good groups from falling apart is a loyal following.

This following can often turn into a bubble! When 500+ cars overtake car park the law is never far behind.

Keeping a good group of followers manageable is paramount to the success of a car group. Melbourne Car meets continues to kick goals and this meet was huge!

Even though you had to pay to get in to this meet, with steep ramps hard for lowered cars, this did not mater! Why? Because Melbourne Car meets are starting to set a precedent and it’s one that people are beginning to respect.

With well over 60+ cars on a rainy Wednesday night, and among competition hot on their heels, our friends at Melbourne Car Meets are really doing everything right. There are more car meets, shows, and other events planned by MCM. We will continue to follow their progress over this coming year.

Thank you for reading.

  • Nate MCM

    Thanks Grant for the great feature. Hope you see you guys at our future events!