Melbourne Minitruckin :: truckin ain’t easy

dodge min truck

Every second Tuesday of the month a dedicated group of mini truckers get together under the Bolte Bridge. It’s a community built on customizing what some would consider “work utes”. Airbags are king in this world and rail scraping is a common occurrence.

rusty paint

Mighty Car Mods proved that rust is an attention grabber but I have never seen a rust and colour combo like this. Theses colour contrasts remind me of an abstract textural painting.

 rusty ford courier

A work in progress; this old Ford is nowhere near finished but even in its current state it draws attention and makes a statement.

rust with style and a ford underneath

With road signs as floor pans and a mini Chopper bike in the back this mini truck meant business. I would describe this trucks style as rat rod meets urban warrior.

hilux green stickerbomb

It would have taken quite a few sticker books to complete this. Love it or hate it the sticker bomb style has not died yet. Has sticker bombing taken on the new meaning of being alternative? It seems its the new symbol of our troubled youth. At least that’s what Today Tonight would say!

hilux greeny

This Toyota was clean shaven of door handles! That’s right the owner must use magic to enter his car… that or fancy door poppers. Nothing is left untouched on this Hilux. The headlights, grill, wheels, and all kinds of little mods have transformed this once standard Hilux.


Probably one of the largest speaker door pods I have seen installed on a daily ride. The owner of this tricked out Rodeo/Isuzu described his sound system as a 70’s inspired banger.

rodeo purple

At first when I saw this mini truck I wasn’t that impressed… that sounds bad but the more I found out about this car the more I was intrigued. Siting at stock height this mini truck does not make much of an impact.

mini truck isusu

I didn’t even know this was running airbags and when it dropped to the ground I had a new found respect for this mini truck. Not only did it look amazing siting that low to the ground but this Rodeo/Isuzu was a transformer in disguise.

holden rodeo airbags

This engine looks pretty stock right? Well behind the smoke and mirrors is a hidden turbo. Where you may ask? Tucked up slightly behind the back seat and sitting really low it hides from the prying eyes of the law. The owner has seen his fair share of Internet hate over this mod but personally I like it when people push the boundaries and are creative with their engine customization.

dodge pickup low

With sixties styling and modern suspension dreams can come true. This has to be one of the best looking F100s in Australia!

f100 1963 lowered

Sitting right on its rails this Ford truly looks menacing. Calling this beast a mini truck sounds wrong because there is nothing mini about this F truck.

silver f truck

From every angle this Ford looks immaculate. When you fully observe this truck you can almost see the countless hours that went into creating this work of art.

hilux airbaged

I’m sure there is a Toyota Hilux under there somewhere but it is almost unrecognisable with this type of styling applied to it.

toyota low body pick up truck

Being low and long certainly makes a statement. ‘IGOLOW’ definitely captures your attention.

hilux air lift

Although this mini truck is in primer it still turns heads. Getting a Hilux to sit this low is no easy feat as the rear rails have to be cut and modified to allow the airbags to drop the truck on its ass.

airbaged hores

Seriously clean! This for me was the most impressive ride on display. Well finished and polished with a shine that was almost irresistible.

red and low

You can tell that this fully notched chassis allows for maximum drop! With a shaved tailgate and shaved door handles this Hilux was looking slick.

red mini truck hilux australia

Almost all of this Hilux has been modified but something I haven’t seen on this type of mini truck is a good set of custom led tail lights.

low trucks melbourne

Although one of the smaller meets for the Melbourne mini truckin group there were still a dedicated few that showed us just what real fans they are. These low-slung rides are few and far between but when you see them parked next to a regular car you understand instantly why they go to so much effort.