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PSRA :: Performance Motor Show Melbourne

audi gt car

Finally a breath of fresh air has entered Melbourne and brought with it a performance based car show. Not only has the organiser of this event brought together some of the best tuning shops and related business but also a huge range of Australia’s best performance vehicles.

Charge Speed Australia cars

Our friends at Martini Racing Australia had a great selection of cars on display. This amazing GTR was on loan from Charge Speed Australia. ( V-Spec Performance )

MartiniMartini cars

Martini had thought of everything, with a full blown race simulator at the head of their stall! Kids were forming lines just to have a go on the Redline Race Simulator. Martini had a great show of Ferrari’s with both old and new on display and they even threw some of them on the live dyno!


I soon found out where all the modern Corvettes have been hiding. You don’t see many on the streets and it seems a lot have been brought over here, modified and then tracked. This is one car that I wish the V8 Supercars would let into their competition. But we all know why they wouldn’t let the z06 Corvette in… remember what happened when they let the “Nissan R32 GTR” have a go!?
RTR dandenog

road track rally car

Our Friends at Road Track Rally brought down their time attack Mitsubishi Evo along with a few other special cars of theirs, to exhibit the full range of tuning and services they can provide.

speedway car

This vintage speedway car caught my eye because I have been meaning to go to a speedway event for quite some time. I think it was the inspiration that I need to finally do so.

hot rod

A true Hot Rod with flames and all! The performance industry covers a massive range of cars big and small, this being one of the more unique types of performance vehicles among today’s ever growing range of performance cars.


There is something about the new Camaro shape that I like, yes I know it carries a Chev badge, but it has such personality and prowess that it simply cannot be ignored.

toyota 86 supercharged

This 86 was sporting a custom supercharger that tucked into the engine bay like meat into a pie.


amuse bodykit honda s2000

The Honda S2000 is one hell of a car and is the choice of many famous tuners! You might find yourself asking why? Because the car held the record for the highest horsepower per liter for any NA piston road production car for 10 straight years. With a full Amuse kit this S2000 looked amazing! It is the first time I have ever seen one fully kitted up like this and I really like it!

lola t332formula 5000

Formula 5000 is madness and Jay Bondini is one mad bloke because he owns 2 of them! This is one beautiful Lola T332 and it has had plenty of great owners in its past. I’m so glad to see something like this on display here in Melbourne.

370z amuse370z nissan amuse bodykit

Now onto one of my favourite cars of this year; the 370Z. Blingwork Auto had a wicked display of cars, their 370z, with its sexy kit slowly seduced me every time I walked past.

worked engine


A large range of engines were on display alongside the many other cars. Plenty of these engines were worked and are in development for upcoming projects.

gt3 corvette

gt3 car australia

Our friend Greg from Pirelli was kind enough to let me get up close and personal with their GT3 Z06.R Corvette. It has raced at the Bathurst 12 hour, Australian GT series and Victorian state series.
z06 corvette

z06.r corvette

Up close you can see that this is not a normal road going car! Trofeo Motorsport and Pirelli have put a lot work into this Z06 and the 2013 Australian GT series. Pirelli is the control tyre for this season and everybody knows that it is the best tyre for the job. With some good results this season, Trofeo Motorsport can’t wait to get back on the track and hey will have their chance come July at Sydney Motorsport Park and GSS will be watching the results closely.

camaro drag car

This crazy drag Camaro was big in every way, big power, big wheels, big money and it really did stop people in their tracks.

Bmw m3

There were so many nice cars on display at this show that it was hard to know which way to look. I did find one way to look though; straight at this super clean M-series BMW!

dodge charger

Is this what brand new cars looked like in the 70’s? If so, I want one! Just to cruise around in and make loud noises!

r32 skyline

How do you make one of the prettiest Skyline’s ever created look even more attractive? Wrap it in carbon and put it to work on the track.

eh holden show car

When a car is so immaculate underneath, it needs mirrors to display this fact. Is it still a real functioning car? Or a trophy? Don’t get me wrong, I like the EH but this is taking things a little too far.

concave wheels psra

I dig concave as much as negative offset. When you add fancy colours in the mix, then things get out of control!

worked engine

As well as engines and cars on display there were large setups of full exhaust systems laid out around the show.

torana turbo

Power and fabrication! This car show had it all! Just look at this engine bay! You can see the countless hours spent getting every detail just right.

rays wheel display

Do you like wheels? We do! The range on display blew our minds. This is just a small selection of wheels that where on display at the show.

vw engine

If you know your European engines, then you should be able to identify this one! I cannot because VW engines scare me…

audi r8 gt car

This is one of two GT3 Audi R8’s on show, both of these cars looked marvelous sitting near one another.
psra show view

psra car show

With such a big show, organised in such a little time frame it is truly astonishing to see what can be accomplished when someone sets out to achieve a dream. Australia’s first ever International Performance Motor Show really did impress and our hats are off to the organisers! We hope that in 2014 they invite us or groups like us, so we can display modified street and drift cars to show exactly what the scene is capable of.

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