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Formula Drift Melbourne :: Media Launch

V8 S13 DriftVic Drift

Hey guys it’s 1am in the morning and we can’t sleep! Why? Because today was the Media Launch for Formula Drift Asia’s first ever event here in Australia!
We were treated to some intimate time with some of the best drivers in the world, part of the wow factor for the event was that they had shipped over some of the most iconic drift cars in the world including the newly completed RS-R NASCAR V8 swapped 86!!

Now we don’t normally do this but here is a dump of a few photos for you guys to enjoy before the big race on Sunday, don’t forget Saturday is the Australian Drifting Grand Prix round too so make sure you come down to Calder Park Raceway and cheer on your favorite ADGP drivers.
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The Hot Seat :: Fredric Aasbo

Formula Drift Asia’s inaugural event here in Melbourne is just days away… Days!!!

This weekend Calderpark Raceway will be alive with the sound of screeching tyres and limiter bashing and Sunday will see some of the biggest names from all over the world going head to head along the walls of the Thunder Dome!
We caught up with Daigo Saito for a few questions in the lead up to the event and this week we are talking with Fredric Aasbo aka “The Hammer” from Norway!!

Fredric is bringing the freshly built RS-R GT86 from Japan, sporting an insane TRD Nascar V8 and this will be the cars first ever competition right here in Melbourne!!!
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SAU Dyno Day :: Over 5000 Killer Wasps

V8 S13 DriftVic Drift

Well the Skylines Australia Victorian chapter has blown our socks off once again with another awesome event, this time with the help of Road Track Rally and Motul Australia!
When SAU Vic have an event, they don’t mess about! The day was full of ear punishing, limiter bashing dyno fun!!

Hosted at the unbelievably clean Road Track Rally (RTR) workshop in Melbourne’s south east, the crowd was treated to a full day of peak power runs from 25 cars, ranging from Subaru’s, Mitsubishi’s, various euros and of course a large amount of Nissan Skylines!!
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Vic Drift :: April Practice Day

V8 S13 DriftVic Drift

The boys and girls of Vic Drift were at it again last week hosting another practice day, this time at Calder Park.
This had originally been planned as a two day event, but with lower entries than normal there was a push for it to be culled back to only one day much to everyone’s disappointment.

Btu not to worry, as there was still plenty of people willing to get behind the wheel for the one day event and they helped to make the day a huge success and a lot of fun for everyone involved.
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The Hot Seat :: Daigo Saito

In just over two weeks time, Melbourne will be turned on its’ head when Formula D Asia and a select group of drivers come to Calder Park for an action packed drift competition.

In the lead up to the race, we will be catching up with a few international drivers for a few quick questions.

First up we have caught up with Daigo Saito. He is referred to as the ‘greatest drifter in the world’ and we couldn’t wait to get to know a little bit more about him!

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Primal MC :: Private Calder Park Drift Day

R34 girl drifter, australiaRprimal line up, australia

When Calder Park thunderdome is on offer who would say no? So without hesitation Primal Motor club jumped on the opportunity and quickly organized a grass roots drift day. With only 30 spots on offer the event was extremely quick to sell out.

Upon arriving I was completely shocked by the turn out. There were so many nice cars and almost 90% of the people had driven to the event in the car they were competing in. Now that’s dedication! Read more

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