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I Love Volkswagen :: Summer Sun Show

With so many sunny days in a row it was perfect weather for a summer themed car show, namely the I Love Volkswagen – Summer Sun show. We were all ready for one of the biggest Euro car shows of the year. Read more

F1 Melbourne :: Shell x Ferrari Practice Day

Drift MatsuriF1 Ferrari

The F1 Grand Prix is arguably the largest motoring event in the world and I feel ashamed to write that I have never actually sat down and watched an entire race and have never been to the race hosted in my very own city… How can I even call myself an enthusiast?!

Well this all changed for me just over a week ago, whilst I was sitting down in front of my computer (much the same as every other spare minute not spent at my 9-5 or at another car event) I received an email notification and began reading…

“Hi Gwyn

On behalf of Shell Australia we’d like to invite you to spend a day
with the Shell and Ferrari team for the F1 on Friday 15 March.”

I also received the same message on our Facebook page and I knew that this was the real deal!
So at the drop of a hat I arranged time off from work and eagerly sent my reply, which of course was  a “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
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Vicdrift Summer Matsuri :: Fun In The Sun

Drift MatsuriVic Drift Matsuri

So another 12 months has gone by in a flash but in all honesty it doesn’t feel like that long ago since we covered the last Vicdrift Matsuri at Winton Raceway.

What has changed in that time?

There were new cars and fresh builds and of course plenty of familiar faces. All of which were part of the extreme entry competition and even a burnout comp!!!
Hats off to the boys and girls behind Vicdrift pulled off another killer event that saw over 150 entries from drivers all over the country, flocking to try their hand at drifting in what is no doubt one of the best run events in the country. It was two days of non-stop action, burnouts, extreme entries and cash prizes, what’s not to love?
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BMW E30 RB30 :: Drift Frankenstein

E30 BMW DriftE30 RB30

One of the first items on my bucket list is a simple one, own an E46 M3 BMW.
Even after all these years, that lovely looking, highly enhanced body looks fantastic from all angles.
The bolstered chunky arches hinting at the performance hidden beneath the bulging bonnet and the four exhausts tips menacingly poking out from under the rear bar…

Oh sorry, I seem to have gotten a bit carried away there….

Before my love affair with the modern E46 BMW, I had a brief fling with the now classic 318i E30.
Granted it wasn’t a manual (although it was a convertible) the car felt correct. It felt taught, well constructed and just made me feel happy in general.
As I have grown older, cars have come and gone from my life but the little E30 has always held a special place in my heart.

So when the team from GSS contacted me with a bunch of photos and I just had to be involved and this is where Denis and his more than standard E3o BMW come in.

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S13 Day Melbourne :: 1-3-13

The LowdownThe Lowdown

Last Friday was a special date on the 2013 calender, it was dubbed “S13 Day” 1/3/2013. Local Nissan enthusiast and all round top bloke Niel Gray from Primal Garage eagerly set about organising a meet for Melbourne S13 owners to come together to celebrate the humble 25 year old chassis.

With a strict S13/180SX invitation only, I opted to go as a passenger in a friends Type X 180SX. This meant I could try my hand at a few rolling shots between the eastern suburbs pre-meet and the final destination, at the Essendon DFO Shopping Center.

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